Crash bang wallop

Well it’s taken two weeks and one day to have my first major fuck up. I’m trailing behind the main work vehicle at a Junction and I saw him start to move off. Looking right I started to move off and instead of ending up in the road I managed to climb into the back of the work van.

The situation is obviously made worse by the van being the boss is fine. Granted it’s a really old Skoda type van but that’s not the point.

Needless to say I feel sick at the thought of going into work today. Best case scenario I get a major bollocking and I won’t be allowed to drive a vehicle again, worst case scenario: sacked.

After two weeks and one day of getting up at 6:45 and then pretty much working right through till 4 PM in the open air my body is now starting to feel it.

Granted there have been some positives, I’ve lost weight and even my hairdresser commented that my face look thinner a.k.a. I don’t look as fat.

Another plus side is that I’m eating way more healthier than I have done in perhaps the last year or two. That does come with a downside of when I get home and cook my tea and then also cooking my lunch for the next day and so I’m on my feet for about another two hours cooking.

I’m not entirely sure where I’m using all my time but I do know that it’s 10 PM before I can even start thinking about unwinding and relaxing.

Getting into bed for 11 PM but not being able to drop off before midnight definitely isn’t helping the situation any.

: The work for the majority of the time is quite enjoyable. It’s hard, sweaty, dirty work and a far cry from what I’ve done so far but I’m glad that I’ve taken a diversion for four weeks to be able to work outside and appreciate a summer.

With only just over a week and a half to go before it looks like I have to sign back on I’m going to make the most of it.

Well, that’s if I don’t get sacked for the second time this year.

Crash bang wallop

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