Work update as requested.

After last weeks calamitous error of crashing the bosses car into the back of the Council van I’m glad to report that I still have a job.


In a bizarre twist of two days later driving at the train. I don’t have any problem is I’m never exactly driven a car with a trailer before. This is made all the more complicated by having a very short axle on the trailer which I’m told makes it a little bit more difficult than normal to do any reversing.

I’ll be the first to admit having a couple of days of driving up and down the road was much better than walking the 4 miles we have to do every day. Granted 4 miles isn’t exactly a big distance to cover that when you are doing the fact you’re carrying a strimmer, wearing all of the safety gear, and the weather is beating dying believe you me it becomes hard work very quickly.

So my day goes a little something like this.

6:45 AM alarm goes off.
7:05 AM for out of bed in agony from my body being so exhausted from the lack of sleep.

7:20 AM after packing my Field baby night before and trying to wake up I’m in the car and on the way to the Depot.

7:45 AM-ish. Go from my car to the Council van with my lunchbox. My lunch box is actually one of those tabs for storage that goes underneath your bed. The reason for this is that by the time you take two bottles of water, your breakfast, Sun tAn lotion antihistamine tablets and insect repellent you end up with quite a hefty amount to carry. But there is the benefit of it having a late so when it does rain all of my stuff is kept dry.

8:15 AM arrive on site, unpack the van into another van, my first whiff of two-stroke petrol in the morning whilst filling up the strimmer wait for the road signs to go out, which everybody ignores, and then start on a quarter mile stretch.

9:30 AM to 9:45 AM-ish. Finally it’s breakfast time. Try as I might I still can’t get into the habit of eating something immediately as I get out of bed. I do cheat a little bit by having a banana smoothie, home-made, and that usually keeps me going till now

10 AM here we go again. Time to do another mile and a half stretch which takes us up to.

12:30 PM-ish. Thank god lunch is about 30 to 40 minutes the distance covered by know is creeping up to the 2 mile points. Normally the sun just happens to be clear on any cloud cover leading to profuse sweating and having a T-shirt you can actually ring the sweat out of.

1 PM-ish the road signs have been changed I which means onto the next stretch of the day which is about another mile and a half. I forgot to mention when I say a mile and a half it’s actually 3 miles because you have to walk up one side and back down the other.

3:15 PM time to pack up. Road signs get dismantled, gear goes back into the van and then it’s the 20 minute drive back to the yard.

4 PM I’m back in my car and on the way home.

4:45 PM-ish. Time for a sit down and cup of tea, perhaps a quick nap.

5 PM. Walking time, about another mile of walking which takes 45 minutes going downhill right now because I’m absolutely knackered by this point

5:30 PM realise that I fell asleep, pastimes from all the manual work and start thinking about what to have for tea.

6 PM finally I can get changed
out of my work close into slightly more less rank smelling clothing.

6:30 PM start cooking dinner. Although it’s not just a case of cooking for the evening I have to get my breakfast ready for the morning as well along with what ever I’m going to have for lunch

7 PM, set a reminder to feed dogs.

7:45 PM finally have my tea

8 PM Time for another quick walk with the dogs

9 PM. Get back from dog walking, get all my work gear ready for the morning, park the car up and then finally I get to sit down in front of the idiot box

9:05 PM get bored with the television.

9:15 PM decide I’m going to catch up on shows that I’ve downloaded. Often this and that me being dragged into doing things like paperwork or updating my website.

9:30 PM try and fail to do website work. Or I often end up discovering yet another bug on my website design. This then leads onto looking for a no then you WordPress theme for about 45 minutes and realising, yet again, most WordPress themes are complete rubbish.

9:35 PM decide to have a glass of wine.

10:15 PM I realise now that I’m absolutely knackered and need to get into bed soon.

10:45 PM my weary carcass finally gets into bed.

11 PM try to drift off to the land of nod. This normally fails

12:05 AM finally I get to sleep if I’m lucky

Eat, sleep, strim, repeat

Work update as requested.

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