Another case of speaking too soon

The sun has continued to shine meaning that we’ve had a consistent spell of glorious weather. What spirits cannot be lifted by having a decent bout of sunshine and lovely weather.

Today is the day I make it past the four week mark, something that I thought I wouldn’t actually be able to do. Truth be told I’m stuck with it just to prove a point to myself and to the guys who set me up with this position.

Just to give a little bit of background context last year a guy called Jack was doing this very same job. Jack is one of those types who should be in the army as he’s big, muscles but not the sharpest knife in the drawer. constant workout gym routine he would be well to be a labourer. Yet he didn’t make it past a week and a half.

The pub I frequent on the Friday and Saturday is full of builder types and I have a sneaky suspicion that there was a bet that I wouldn’t last more than a week. Anybody who knows me will know that if ever a bet is placed against me I will destroy myself to win no matter what the cost.

So always good up until about 1 PM where we got taken off our normal stretch of road to go in work on one of the busy a Roads in town.

Instead of two of us there was four of us and so in my world this became a competition to see who could do the most amount of land given the two hours allotted to us.

Petrol, check. Twine, check and with a pull of the ripcord my machine rattled into life.

All was going well, I was cutting great swathes of grass with sunder, I was a one man agricultural machine ripping up the hedges and the grass verges with aplomb.

Then just as I was thinking I had survived four weeks things started to go a little bit wrong.

Reaching the quarter mile mark my machine then decided it had no more strimming twine. Normally one of us would have some spare in our pockets but of course on a Friday, nearing home time, this was not the case resulting in a walk with the sun beating down on me in my safety gear back to the van and then back to where we had all stopped. Fortunately one of the other guys had also run out so I didn’t feel too bad that it was just me.

As I was fixing my machine somebody pointed out to me that the petrol was coming out from the. Upon investigation it seems the all important washer to stop fuel leaking and it was no longer there.

Restrung and refuelled I grabbed the pull cord to bring her back to life. Normally she starts to treat without any hassle but no, not on a Friday, as on the final part of the cord came away from the machine.

The bollocking when something like this

“Well you’re just fucking useless, that you might as well have not fucking teamed off and might as well just fuck off home”

With that I picked up my machine I walked another third of a mile back to the van and started to load up.

Needless to say I was feeling pretty dejected at this point. I thought I had cracked four weeks of decent grafting without another major incident and then last thing I get a bollocking through, to be fair, no fault of my own.

The bloke who gave said bollocking actually saw me as I did all of my three checks before going off to do the job.

As I walk back to the van I get a phone call from him to say can I run up to the yard and going get the cord fixed.

If all had gone to plan I was going to have finished by 2 PM today but going to get everything fixed took another hour of the day.

Truth be told I am still a little bit pissed off with the bollocking. I’m not letting going to bug me that much Dave after all I survived, and I do mean survive, longer than anyone gave me credit for.

Getting up at 6:45 AM is actually quite a pleasurable experience. I’ve also learnt that eating something within the first few waking moments of a new day does have a considerable impact on you for the rest of the day. It really does make a huge difference.

We have the best part of a week left on this job I’ve got to say that for the most I really enjoyed the experience of working outdoors and doing something practical rather than being sat at my desk all day looking out the window at the sunshine.

What’s next?

I don’t exactly know I have a little bit of a hankering to try AnD get some work in a city/town environment but that’s for my next blog post.

Another case of speaking too soon

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