End of the road part 2

At precisely 12:07 PM that was it. For the final time a locked up the council vehicle I made my way out of the yard without incident.

I could’ve been done 45 minutes earlier if it wasn’t for me being elected to take the vehicle control sign back to the other Depot some 15 miles away but all things considered finishing at 12:07 PM you can’t really grumble.

As I write this on Monday morning it does feel a little bit odd not to be having breakfast about knife or carrying around a strimmer for the best part of the day.

I have to say that for the majority of the five weeks doing this job I’m actually quite enjoyed it. No office politics, no backstabbing, so you know where you stand. You fuck up people haven’t got anywhere to go in bitch about you behind your back. There is a lot to be said for avoiding the world of office politics, a world which I don’t think I’d have or ever will get on with.

Hide deliberated if to try and shake the rest of the guys hands at the end of the day but thankfully the main guy who had taking me on a was very complimentary about me (shock horror) extended his hand for a handshake. A couple of the other guys are well and to be fair I instigated a couple as well. The main bloke I have been working with, Stan, literally couldn’t wait to get home and jumped into the LanRover disappearing off without so much as even a goodbye. You can’t win them all.

The more I think about it this could be one of the only jobs I’ve ever had where I haven’t been pushed out the door. The only other one I can remember is way back when I first started in IT working for British telecoms, back in Bristol.

Leaving the yard on Friday felt a little bit surreal,
I wouldn’t be going back on Monday or possibly ever again just felt odd. Fact I spent most of Friday’s Friday aimlessly pottering about just trying to keep myself amused.

Over the last five weeks dropped half a stone in weight, Bondane three notches on my belt and maybe conscious effort to actually eat healthily, including breakfast!

That was one of the toughest things to do was get up and within the first 20 minutes of the waking day try and eat something but believe me the difference it makes to your metabolism is absolutely amazing. It’s not like the rush you get from ingesting 2 cups of coffee in the morning but the more slow burning, ramping up feeling.

Hang on. Phone call incoming that’s worth a blog post !!

End of the road part 2

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