Another reminder about scummy contracting agencies.

Well I’ve just had a reminder why I hate dealing with scumbag agencies. They’ve offered me £100 a day before tax and national insurance contributions and I’ve seen it advertised for 110

It’s amazing the power of Google at times. Funnily enough on 30 July at 10:10 AM the position they were discussing with me was posted on the Internet. Attached screenshot below.

Today a few of the details have changed including the all-important daily rate.

Thankfully they’ve confirmed the interview today via email and It’s for 10 AM tomorrow morning.

Anybody who’s interested they did provide me with the following.

– First point on contract by phone/face to face for support queries
– Supporting Microsoft Office
– Printer fixes
– Password resets
– Basic Active Directory fixes
– Basic network fixes
– Fixing basic Windows queries
– Working within a support ticketing system.

You’ve got it, this is your basic first-line support system. Granted this would be fairly easy money as it’s not going to stretch me in any way shape or form but that’s perhaps one of the reasons why I’m not keen.

As I said in my previous post this seems to be one of those jobs where they are paying what they think you are worth to the company not what your actual worth it is. Given the agency itself has decided to drop the price from £110-£100 this seems ever more clear.

If Google maps is correct then this is a job for an e-commerce company which I believe has sales wraps all around the UK. You know those annoying magazines that come through your door with all shapes, sizes and types of Tupperware? I think it’s one of those companies.


Even the website is a fairly old and uninspiring design and I should know I’ve worked with companies like this before.

I seem to be arguing with myself I’ve just realised me like to go ahead and take this role I just don’t see how it’s going to be financially viable.

If I ignore the fact that I requested a couple of days notice for interviewing and then obviously mucking around with the daily rate I do still like to work away.

Or am I perhaps just grasping out of fear because work around these parts is scarce and hard to come by but is there any reason to settle for someone taking advantage?

It’s none too dissimilar to when you need to sell a car quickly and the buyer picks up on that and offers you less than you know it’s actually worth.

I’m going to work on the spreadsheets and see just how much I get to take home and if I could actually live on what would be left over bearing I mind the average price of a bed-and-breakfast in and around that area is anything from £50 upwards.

Even if I was to conservatively estimate the cost of lunch at 6 pounds and dinner at let’s say 8 pounds exactly have much left. This doesn’t include the travelling costs etc etc.

And whilst I am away I still have the rent and upkeep of my old place to consider.

Another reminder about scummy contracting agencies.

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