The used car dilemma

Anybody else noticed that there is a slight twinge of coldness in the mornings and evenings definitely warrants a jumper/cardigan?

In my particular area it was only about three weeks ago that all of the temperatures with 10° hotter than they have been since then.

Anyways with my excellent track record of buying the wrong car, the golf might be somewhat of an exception, here is the latest offering that’s been sent my way.

Ford focus 1.6 tdci
80,000 miles on the clock
2 Previous owners
Bodywork bit tatty but nothing he wouldn’t expect for a car which is 10 years old.

For once I took someone along with me and there aren’t any real problems with it that we could see. It does look like a wheel bearing is going to need replacing but the same can be said for my golf.

Reason for selling.
The sun is getting a brand-new car and she will be using that along with her husband’s van.

All of this for £500. So those being the facts now let’s go into the back story.

I heard about this car from a bloke in the pub, he’s also the bloke whose son sold me the dreaded Peugeot of doom. Just as a side note the Peugeot still isn’t on the road and I sold it to a very dear friend of mine who was helping me out by purchasing it. I do feel really bad about it not being on the road yet but there’s absolutely nothing I can do unfortunately. If I had the money I would honestly buy the car back from her.

So the Ford is from a friend of the guy who son sold me the dreaded Peugeot. I don’t think he’s had anything to do with the car mechanically which brings me onto the next point.

Her husband is a mechanic.
So he’s done all of the regular servicing for the fort which might not be a bad thing but the problem with mechanics are servicing their own cars is that they know what to hide and exactly how to hide it. For every point I made there is obviously a counterpoints I’m here I can argue that all of us, well a lot of people I know don’t regularly serviced their car.

My final thought about the car is that to be honest its not a car that I want. This one is just pure case of practicality. The golfs road tax a year is £140 whereas my golf cost me that for six months.

Despite being a 1.6 Turbo diesel hopefully it will push me over that magical figure of 44 mpg which I worked out to be the break even point when you consider the extra cost of diesel these days.

My main worry is this. The golf is worth about £900 and would be better for a future trading but can I afford to keep hold of it until six times I’m in a better position to actually get a decent car?

The used car dilemma

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