Used car dilemma updates

For once I’m going to make one of my many predictions online and let’s see if this one is proved correct or not.

So today I ended up buying the car that I wasn’t absolutely sold on and after a days worth of usage so far “it’s not that bad”.

It’s tatty on the outside, I think I will bearing is a bank to go but everything else feels that sounds so far.

There is one person whose I advise I always look out when making a major decision and hopefully she knows who she is and so to her I wanted to say sorry.

Even though I actively sought your advice and didn’t take it please don’t think that you didn’t mean anything to me.

I still have my beloveds golf which I’m going to keep around for a month or so just in case.

Being only a 1.62 biodiesel time in the lower part of the rev range it’s as an exciting you can possibly get that when the speed cranked up a notch you soon find yourself doing 70+ Mars an hour and easing off the accelerator. .

Part of me is really hoping that this is the Mac care of £500 automobiles that’s all my “friends” seemed to get and I never do.

Right now after working a complete shift from hell where I park actually ran out of food during one of the busiest weeks of the season I’m shattered and I’m going to bed.

Used car dilemma updates

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