Waking up

So, for the third day in a row are yet again struggle to get out of bed. Is not laziness, it’s not the case of being bothered, it’s just a simple case of what’s the point?

Don’t get me wrong I know that there are life things that you have to attend to. Paying bills, signing on and all the rest of it but when that’s all done getting out of bed still doesn’t come easy.

Thinking that the root of all this might be alcohol-related I stopped drinking in the week so while ago in the hopes that would push me forward to get out of my pit.

I never quite realised just how demotivated and the lack of ambition that is crept into me. Normally I’d be trying all sorts of stupid things like an eBay idea or designing menus for a pub anything to show a sense of creativeness or accomplishment.

Even with all of the positive comments I’ve got about my darts game from the last three weeks when people said they used to be a good player hasn’t spurred me to get the practice board and throw in the week.

Normally I would break things down into small accomplishable chunks so you actually have a point to something or anything but even doing that seems ironically pointless.

Even when one of my other websites gets a spike in traffic by should at least try to make the most off I don’t.

In action is in itself a form of action but I have to wonder why I’ve chosen that over doing anything positive.

Waking up

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