Nothing to report.

There’s been nothing really to reports over the last week or so hence the lack of updates.

Trying to find a job around here is the same old, same old soul destroying and the more I think about it the more I realise that I struggle to work for companies. Perhaps it’s immaturity or perhaps it’s just because people are different.

So yesterday evening when I was filling up with fuel. The guy who sacked me have the cheek to nod his head towards me. Annoyingly it took a few minutes for all my anger and hatred to build up after he had gone but I wish it had been something more spontaneous and I had let loose with both barrels at him.

Granted I know that at times I didn’t help myself much when I was working there but still, it was nothing that could have not been performance managed all avoided altogether with a bit of feedback.

All of the issues that I had there might seem obvious to those looking on the outside inwards but that’s always the way isn’t it.

Anyways it’s Monday morning and I managed to get up and shower before 8 AM so that’s an achievement for the day.

So, what am I up to today?

I’m going to be leading an incredibly exciting life of sending out emails to chase up jobs I’ve applied for.

The first one goes to the cookhouse for a pizza chef. Yes, you read that right a pizza chef. This is probably the career path of someone in their late teens would start upon not someone who’s just about to turn 38 in under six months. I figure what the hell, i’m going to be blindly optimistic and tell myself there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved with the business as is only a small three or four person business at the moment.

Today marks the start of my seven-day challenge in two phases.

Challenge one: not going to the pub for seven days. It’s a waste of money and I think I’m using it as an excuse to socialise in the wrong way. I could instead be more productive and have fun and hopefully set up my own streaming channel on Twitch.

Challenge to: couch to 5k. I have absolutely no idea wive decided to do this to myself other than I enjoyed being fit and in shape when I was doing the grass cutting. It does feel strange doing something “just because” but I want to see how far I make it before I inevitably give up.

I also need to find a coder. One of my websites is enjoying what I would class as moderate success I need a code he can work with PHP and RSS feeds.

All of the above is listed with the best of intentions and will probably go wrong at the moment the postman comes to my door with the usual dirge of stuff that I have to deal with.

You would think it would be a simple concept to grasp claiming housing allowance for a period of five months excluding the time that I was working but you’d be mistaken.

Three forms later and three trips to the cancer office, which to be fair have been helpful, I’m still no closer to getting any housing benefit. I can’t really blame them as they have been several mixups and the landlady didn’t help things any by not sending in a form when she was supposed to have done. Once again someone’s in actions affect me and me only and I have to pick up all the pieces again.

But nothing beats the fact that they find out T-Mobile whiskering me over for the last year. I don’t know what to be more annoyed at the fact that they are up to my phone contract from 12 times a month to £34 a month or the fact that I didn’t see it.

At least I ended last week on a positive note.

Plus net have chopped off to 2.50 from my monthly broadband bill and if I can magically find £131 then my line rental comes down to the equivalent of £11 a month.

Cancelling T-Mobile means that next month I will be up £32.

So, let’s see how this week goes

Nothing to report.

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