oktoberfest 2014

Sadly this year I won’t be going to the Munich beer festival which I’ve attended the last three years.

There’s a number of reasons for less but most of them are down to my own ineptitude. Starting from the start I got the dates completely wrong. I thought I’d scored a complete bargain on flights. , It’s just a shame that they were in the wrong month.

My friend Sue, has also been mysteriously absent so it doesn’t fill me with confidence to know I’m going over there and end up falling out with her like I did last year.

I did have a couple of messages from my favourite German lady Nina asking when I was going over. I even got invited to go out on the last weekend with her and friends. This all sounds quite good until she was telling me that she met a bloke that she really likes, he’s a lawyer, best thing ever you know how it goes.

So I was quite surprised after actually managing to have some banter with her which included she gives him blowjobs for advice? that a couple of days later I get a message from her saying she’s feeling sad.

Of course me being me I take the bait and ask and it turns out that a colleague she works with, but doesn’t know that well, suddenly died leaving quite a shock in the office.

Of course I’ve done the right thing and be nice, asked how she is doing and she normally replies asking when I am coming over even going so far as to say she would be free at some point over the weekend.

Then out of the blue I get this from her. This is pretty much the most she has written to me in a message.


If my head haven’t been in such a bad place I think I would’ve almost fell for it.

Despite my name supercynical nature there is a small part of me that would love to invest in the idea of this.I can still remember the first time we met, handsome fun (nothing like that) and really enjoyed myself with her.

Of course I know that was all fuelled by the holiday romance, plenty of alcohol and the euphoria of being away but yet there are still some moments that make even my heart smile a little.

Right now I’m trying not to reminisce about these thingsyes I remember one of the things she said to me when I was there last year, telling me if only I had come over six months earlier.

LOL I just remembered something from last year.whilst watching a bloke from AC/DC doing impromptu gig one of the festivals I turned around and spotted who I thought was Nina. Turns out it wasn’t Nina but a bloody good replica of her.

It’s amazing in a tent full of 15,000 people, women dressed up in their traditional outfits I just happened to catch this one woman’s eyes.

It’s just a shame that after spending fifty-year row on the after show party tickets everybody was speaking German and I knew nobody there. If you really want to stick out that one of these festivals whatever you do don’t wear the traditional German setup.Jeremy Clarkson style jeans and T-shirt is a surefire way to feel out of place especially at an after show party.

Last year I only saw Nina once and I remember being ridiculously nervous when I went to the apartment to meet some people there for an evening supper.

Yes I know all of this sentiment is wasted. Mine too flirtation of those messages from here to me is purely that I would be something new for awhile until she gets bored and moves on.

After all, how the hell did I compete with the lawyer.

oktoberfest 2014

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