It’s the first day of autumn and apparently it’s already Christmas time

As most people are probably aware today marks the first day of Autumn. Once again this summer came and went in a blink of an eye and now the nights are drawing in at a rapid pace.

So it has to be said I’m a little taken aback a because on the food network there already showing Christmas adverts.

There is the traditional saying that Christmas seems to start earlier every year so for the last two years I’ve made a mental note of when the TV networks have started showing their Christmas adverts

It all started yesterday on BBC three when they showed one of the American dad Christmas specials.

Washed year I remember it was 19 October that the main to rest your channels started showing Christmas adverts so it seems this year Christmas really is starting early.

It’s a bit of a shame because the dying embers of September really have been fantastic in fact they this has been the hottest September since records began.

Of course with autumn rearing its head once again my thoughts turned to how to keep warm in the most cost-effective manner. So this year as the summer sales are still just about going on going to buy a sleeping bag.

I need to look at what temperature your body needs to be answered so that you don’t feel freezing cold when you get out of it and just retain a little bit of body heat.

As for Christmas it self. I don’t know where I’m going to be on Christmas day but I might try and do something different. I can envisage taking a small portable gas cooker and popping up to see my dad and have a bit of Christmas dinner with him.

It might sound a bit strange but I’m hoping that if I’m lucky I can catch that magic spot in the day where I’m the only car on the road like it was a few years ago.

It was spookily eerie yet somewhat Sareen feeling like you’re the only car in the world hurtling down the motorway with absolutely no traffic in front of you all behind you.

The journey back always made Christmas feel quite definites knowing that Christmas Day had come and gone and the trip back was always quite poignant to remind me of the days events.

Anyways I’ve gone on and had a bit of a premature Christmas ramble on revelled, far too much, in nostalgia.

No you have to excuse me whilst I go and pour myself another glass of wine the night before yet another book hospital appointment

It’s the first day of autumn and apparently it’s already Christmas time

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