The run.

Many, many moons ago I once ran from Long Sutton to Sutton Bridge and back on the same day. That’s pretty much been the furthest distance I can ever recall running.

tomorrow I’m going to attempt to run a 10 km obstacle course race. I’ve done one of these before but that was 6 km and by god that was tough.

are never forget the moments that after what felt like an eternity I went past the start finish line thinking “the end must be no” it was only till after the race I find out that was exactly the halfway point. By this time I had already been around the pond three times, scrambled up and dying for incredibly steep banks and hedgerows and taking a swim in a pond which you know from the look of it every single living thing near and around that source of water had taken A massive great Dump in.

These events are funny things as despite all the training I had put in no less than 300 yards after the start my lungs felt like they’re going to explode and it was like I had never done any running before in my life

Yet somehow I completed 6 km and my first reaction was I wish I had done the 12 km after seeing some of the other obstacles.

So a quick search on the Internet and tomorrow I’m off to Cardiff to complete A 10 km course. and I wasn’t worried about this at all until last week when going for a cycle. 35 minutes into a cycle I Phelts what can only be described as my knee grating against the knuckle itself if that makes any sense. Is the sort of sensation where you immediately think after uh oh and you know something is amiss

It turns out this was caused by my bike being improperly setup for me despite taking it to a shop and asking them specifically to help me get the most from my cycling. I went back there again this week and within 10 seconds of doing a demo cycle ride he pipes up “oh, I can see the problem straightaway”.

People tell me not to be so cynical and I gave him the benefit of the doubt the first time around and look what happens

The net result of all of this is the fact I haven’t been able to train or do anything for the last seven days. Well that’s not technically true I like did a cheeky little 2 mile run on some rough to rain just to get a feeling of what state my knee is in.

During the run, not so bad. The next day, not good at all.

So tomorrow I’m going to invoke the long lost dougie clause. If it’s stupid to do it but you want to do it, do it anyways.

Update to follow tomorrow.

On my first race I started in the first wave of competitors which gives you an advantage of running on the course that hasn’t been rocked up and pretty much destroyed. Tomorrow I start at 12:15 PM which I believe is one of the last ones to go.

This means that every bark is going to stink a little bit more, every trail is going to be a complete mess, every climbing obstacle will be caked in mud and other substances.

Let’s just hope my stupidity chip kick soon and get me through all of this.

But worst of all I can’t even drink tonight.

The run.