Mark my words

The second I can think of a suitable domain name for life as an unemployed which ties in nicely with the new universal credit believe me and mark my words I’m going to create that blog.

Only for the fact I’m absolutely sick of not being considered for jobs because, and I quote, “it looks like you haven’t been able to hold down the job”

Here’s the thing, I’ve been self-employed pretty much since I was a teenager. Being told that it looks like you’ve had lots of jobs is like selling a plumber I can’t hire you because it looks like you’ve done lots of plumber jobs.

In an instant they forget about the relevant experience, how I’ve worked my way up from shifting boxes to starting my own company right through to working in Dubai.

It’s gotten to the stage where I have to massage the dates on my CV to cover the fact that I was severely ill for a couple of years. Could you imagine that, going into an interview and explaining that you have three years out of work because you had cancer.

Dam right they can’t discriminate against that but they can certainly find other reasons not to hire you.

All this of course tell the job centre on a fortnightly basis and the only result I get is more “one to one coaching sessions”

These coaching sessions involve nothing more than my coach searching for jobs on the government website, something being in the IT trade I’m obviously not well equipped to do (sarcasm)

Tries I might I still can’t get through to them that I am not a programmer. I don’t mention programming skills anywhere on my CV nor have I mentioned it in conversations. However because my CV has the word Apple and android in it that obviously certifies me to go for a developer job.

The system is flawed. try as I might I can’t get the message across that when someone requires IT skills it completely different to IT support skills.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not completely oblivious to how my job history may look in the eyes of some Hache are departments but surely times have changed? I guarantee that if I put time I only had four jobs the next question I would get past would be why did you leave and why did you not get promoted?

I haven’t ventured into the realms of reverse sexism in the workplace but believe you me it exists even if nobody wants to talk about it.

I’ve personally seen many women get promoted to a team leader role when quite frankly they don’t have the experience all the technical backgrounding of similar candidates. No I’m not saying they got the job based on gender but I’ve always been left wondering why does this pattern exist?

Granted yes my view of the world is very small but that shouldn’t make it any less relevant in this day and age.

Back to my issue anyway so the agency asked me to put gain all of my accomplishments and achievements to really show the personality within the CV and I’m left wondering why? It’s going to go to a company that hasn’t spent any time talking to me and so I’m placing my face in someone to present me in the best possible light after 15 minutes of conversation

In this instance I honestly think the agency tried as hard as they could and the once I even got back a phone call to say why I hadn’t been selected. That’s a great change from years ago where there was less of a relationship in fact thinking about it a lot agencies seen now to take on the jerry Maguire style of representing their talent.

Thebut now it seems like if I put dying all of my accomplishments I can walk into a room and people take a look at me and go how, how have you managed to do all this. In every interview I’m just open and honest, I have assumed that’s okay I’m certainly not about to bust eight £300 on a shirt and tie combination because he should be the person and. The package not just the external wrapping.

I had one interview where I had to fight tooth and nail to convince someone that I would get on my hands and knees delay cabling. Despite giving him several detailed examples of digging in the sand to find an ADSL cable in 45° heat when working in Dubai he just wasn’t buying it.

And it’s true what they say about body language if you can’t read someone’s body language don’t trust them if you haven’t got feeling when you walk into a room during an interview trust it if you walk out of the interview not knowing how it went then you probably haven’t got it.

The above is all of the stuff I want to write on my new blog I wanted to be in honest and true version of what it’s like to be in my situation.

It’s not like I haven’t try to toe the corporate line and I played the corporate game only to be told it doesn’t matter. Employee handbooks are a complete waste of time, that it that is unless you’ve been employed for two years. you’d be amazed at how many people think either a, they can never find me or b, I have rights.

I also want to cover other aspects of being unemployed like claiming housing benefit.

Are you put into claims for housing benefit and both got completely ignored, the reason why is the first one was for two months, the second one for three months but there was a gap in between the two claims

As it stands right now I’m behind on my rents by two months thanks to an office administration fuck-up which they’ve put down to moving offices. I believe that a lot more F during my last phone call and then subsequent trip to the housing benefit office there was onlookers “oh my god we really dropped the ball on this one”

Thankfully I’m finding that having a calm, pleasant and friendly demeanour is getting things moved along a little. What I don’t want to happen is for me to have to become a complete arsehole in which case we are out right now could be the case.

Anyways I’ve been rejected yet again but at least I know why. Is it better to be in a situation and have plenty of jobs and relevant experience and still not be able to get a job or should I have one job for 10+ years and then be told I don’t have enough experience?

Dandified do dammed if I don’t.po

Mark my words

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