Happy Christmas everyone.

To anybody who reads my marathon mumbling is happy Christmas to you.

Of all the things in this world that I am miserable about and believe me that list is quite extensive, Christmas has always been excluded from it.

Well perhaps not always that at least for the last six or seven years now and that includes missed period when unfortunately my dad is no longer with us.

To bathrooms put this into some sort of context when I was growing up the only memories I had of Christmas time was my mum in a row in with my dad with regards to custody over me or rowing with the person she was was with at the time.

Are you remember one Christmas when I wrote a letter to Santa to ask you if you could give my best friend at the time, when I lived in Bristol, all of my toys. The reason behind this was because I kind of knew what was going to happen on Christmas day. Having parents she will ranging alcoholics, waking up with hangovers and having to deal with a child that both of them saw me more as an inconvenience than anything else well, you can guess how the day was going to turn out.
Thanks I am outside walking the dogs on Christmas day night I’m sort of glad that I have all of those experiences to make me appreciate how special today is.

Don’t worry I’m not about to go all religious but there are so many nice things about the day.

Ctake tonight as an example there is an amazing stillness in the air, the rumble of traffic on the highway on my Waze is pretty much non-existent.

I honestly think it’s a good thing that for once the shops have closed so that friends and families can spend time together.

Incidentally in Germany shops always close on Sunday which is something I happen to agree with. But look at these crazy Germans with their family values and looking after their pensioners et cetera et cetera.

I miss my dad. I really missing today of all days in the year but I refuse to look back with sadness. Instead I find the funniest pictures of me, him, Chloe and the family together and smile.

I took a walk this morning just out and about and it was really nice to see family is coming together I’m not real sense of Christmas cheer. Maybe it’s just a placebo effects of all the time effort and stress that in team getting ready for the big day but alas it was nice to see.

On Christmas Eve I popped into my old local, the one where I had the fights, and it was way less awkward than it could’ve been a lot was a good start to my Christmas.

With all the crap I’ve had to go through this year I’m starting to really appreciate the small things in life by don’t want to end up grabbing onto the smallest morsels of good fortune and clinging onto them.

I remember the last time I saw dad on Christmas and for some reason every bone in my body was pillaging me to get there on the day as nearly as possible. I realise why that was the case now of course and as much as it turned me against driving there and back on the same day I enjoyed it.

It turns out that Christmas was one of the best we ever and it’s always good to go out on a high.

And if I might get a little bit dying for just a moment I realised that on never get to spend Christmas with my family ever again.

The good news is that Chloe still text me very occasionally and she’s has met , yet again, the love of her life who she has been seeing for four months now.

Are you still live a little bit on the dream that I might see him again or at the very least one day
Actually be able to go out for a Christmas lunch or something but I don’t think that’s going to happen because of her mum.

The good thing is that today she has replied to my messages and it’s been good to me live some of the fun parts buying Christmas when dad was still with us.

Something is just occurred to me that if the baby situation turns out that it is mine, it’s gone a little bit more complex in the last couple of days, and I did end up having to do a Christmas for a kid. What the hell would I do LOL

The laws of probability and chants don’t really make it clear if Felicity Tarquin (yes that is the nickname) is mine.

I will post an update about that situation shortly
Only been asked to take down that particular post. Paragraph interesting news I’m pretty sure that one of my employers is a drug dealer. Well I’m almost certain of it now and so I’m glad I haven’t given him my name or address.

I’m going to place a huge amounts of money on the fact that I bet I don’t get paid for the months work LOL

Other random stuff:
James many toy stories. Once again probably the best thing on TV today.

Nick Frost in Doctor Who giving everybody a lesson in how to act.

The Charles and Dave Christmas special.

But if livor and holding all the places to go for decent but inexpensive Perseco.

This year I have treated myself to some leisure pants. I’m normally against this sort of thing as traditionally whenever I’ve had a girlfriend I’m started wearing them with soonish better not long after.

Seriously I kid you not. It’s like when a new girlfriend and went to meet the family six months later we were toast LOL

I’m finally on the wife said it once before to anybody reading this to any friends and their family are sincere and happy merry Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone.

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