Lakeside championship darts 2015

I’m writing this on the Tuesday. After nine days of darts over 30 hours of broadcasting for the last time I pressed the stop broadcast button. It’s amazing the effects of silence can have on you. After being so involved with streaming the Lakeside the moment the room went quiet just felt eery

This year has seen a different atmosphere to the Lakeside. The darts really have done the talking but he’s just been a shame about the quality of the commentary.

As with every time I do a webcast I’m quite a few staple people that I’ve never met online but I still come to regard as friends to come and help me out with things like moderating and indulging in a bit of chat and banter.

I genuinely felt a little bit sad that after inviting them into my stream they then set up their own to go head to head. I felt sad because this would have been the fourth year that we all congregated arrange our computer screens watching and discussing the Lakeside.

In my sad little world it’s like when you have an annual ritual of saying going on holiday with friends and someone invariably pulls out and from that point onwards it’s never the same.

With the demise of I’d lost anyone who followed my previous channel so I resorted to my special Twitter account that only had eight followers but I thought it was worth a chance to reach out to those people.

I had to type on points which are spread the word
And one gamble paid off. I went from starting with just 23 was the day to averaging hundred and 50, right up to 700 viewers upon certain darts matches.

What really astoundingly was the quality will talk. Sure the first ever year I streamings the lake side darts I wrapped up over 3000 viewers at one time. Subsequent years never reached those dizzying heights but there was always a good staple of people there however one thing was universal. The more viewers the room attractive the more idiots would start disrupting the chat room and just trolling

This year with over 500 people watching I had none of that which brings me nicely onto the inevitable comparison between the BDO and the PDC.

Nothing makes my heart sing more than when somebody says the PDC is better. My answer to that is very simple. “Are you not entertained”.

The BD oh this year especially has established itself as a feeding ground for the PDC. This year we have seen some top names once again make the, I want to call intersection by don’t think that does it justice, move to the PDC.

This year the BDA proved that it didn’t matter. Sure the averages were slightly dying than that of their competitors organisation but quite honestly not by much.

But doesn’t really matter if the scoringisn’t as high as long as the games are entertaining? No!

To say the BDO shouldn’t exist is like saying there should only be one football league, one formula racing league et cetera et cetera.

We all know that the BTO is stuck in the past. Only one televised tournament per year certainly isn’t helping the new names come through and I suppose you could argue in some respects it’s actually stifling new and established players.

The worst thing that could possibly happen would be the old remaining players just playing for the prestige of winning the Lakeside and no true new talent coming through.

This isn’t to say that I don’t like the PDC, quite the opposite in fact. It’s just for me sometimes I like to have a break from the blistering, in your face presentation styles, fancy graphics and just watch darts being stripped back on played like it used to be.

Anyways, the last nine days have been quite an intense experience. Setting up a system to do streaming is one thing, maintaining it so it works is something completely different.

I made sure that TeamViewer has been set up but also positioned in the right way so that when I disconnects from remotely controlling the streaming PC, the TeamViewer Box doesn’t obscure the main video window.

Before all of that it means turning on my Windows-based PC and waiting an hour for updates to be applied, updates to be downloaded, boomtime malware scan is to be done and then the broadcasting software wanting to be updated.

I pretty much managed to capture all of the afternoon sessions between 1 PM and 4 PM and then the evening sessions from 6 PM up till about 10 PM on average.

After all of that Jane you end up with a couple of 15 GB files so that means leaving the PC on overnight to do the compression. Granted I have one of the first generation i3 processors so it probably takes a bit longer than it should.

One thing I’ve noticed is that when you get this involved we streaming an event there is very little time to relax. It only takes one glitch of a TV stream, an Internet connection to drop slightly and you’re left with a whole bag full of issues.

Another universal constant is that if I’m sat in front of the streaming PC no problems will happen. The moment I look away that is when all hell breaks loose. This also seems to include going to bed. Seriously, I went to bed one night and as far as I’m aware there was no power outage, but would my main PC boots up, no.

On a completely personal note it has made me wonder home I can dedicate myself so completely to doing something almost so utterly useless and non-moneymaking and yet real-world issues seem to be a lot harder to focus on format period of time.

Just to bring this entryphone circle what I said it was a very strange moment. After all the constant noise, effort and chatting to new people in the room was watching darts from all over the world everything felt very quiet and there I say a little bit empty at the end of the final stream.

It’s a little bit like when Chris Miles did his radio marathon a few years back and not feeling of something being missing when it finished.

During the final few moments of the stream I was genuinely overwhelmed by how many people said thank you from all over the world. America, Canada, Finland, Holland and moved out a few other places, even someone from Switzerland we just all appreciative of being able to come somewhere to watch the Lakeside.

Is nice to have a hobby but it’s even nicer when you hear people say thank you

Lakeside championship darts 2015

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