Good news post. Vitamin b12 to the rescue

I haven’t written about this before nor did I want to ask this rank right up there we wanna the things if I didn’t see it or talk about it then it wasn’t happening.

i’m incredibly fortunate to have two fantastic neighbours, the sort of types that genuinely will look out for your welfare and keep an eye on the house as well.

The summer I have noticed that my neighbour was not her usual sprightly self and I put this down to thinking that because her dog had not long been put down, a couple of weeks previously, then it could just be that.

But as the summer weeks Rodong she began to look more and more lifeless and thinking back did lose a considerable amount of weight which is not good as she is as thin as a rake anyway.

Normally in the summer there is a hive of activity as for a woman in her early 70s she is one of the most active people I have ever known. Whether it be gardening, mowing, painting or something else she was non-stop apart from this summer just gone.

There was one occasion where she was outside of her own house after having a massive argument with her husband something that I could hear across the way. It turns out that she was starting one job, not finishing it, starting another job and then forgetting what she had started. Unbeknownst to me this has been going on for several months.

A couple of weeks later my neighbours to the right of me were busy chatting and I introduced myself as I like to do once a year just to keep up appearances. The conversation turned to my neighbour and basically cutting the story short they had a mother who suffered from Alzheimer’s and my poor labour looks like she was exhibiting very similar symptoms.

My neighbour is the type of woman he will do the crossword in the Telegraph for a bit of “fun” by no means was she not as sharp person at all.

Over the next few weeks I could hear more and more arguments and of course with the benefit of hindsight it was obviously husbands frustration coming through.

Annual excursion comes along and they are away for three weeks come back for a couple weeks and then either Christmas they mysteriously disappeared, which is very strange given the fact that I usually look after the house and make sure that no mail is left on the doorstep et cetera.

It was only earlier this week when I spoke to my neighbour and I just happens to casually say “you’re looking very well” and that’s when I found out that all had indeed not been good.

I neighbours to the right of me had been correct, she had been forgetting stuff, not knowing where she was and in one case was on the aeroplane going on holiday and was insistent that she wanted to get off the aeroplane in the middle of the flight.

She had been wandering around the local village knocking on doors not knowing who or where she was, in Heathrow she had left her bag several times in the toilet. These were just the most recent example she gave me

This all culminated with an intervention by several of her closest friends and her husband to go and seek help. After a couple of visits to the hospital and I specialise clinic she was basically diagnosed with a vitamin B12 deficiency.

It didn’t take much research to workouts that this is quite a common occurrence for those who have such and that particular vitamin deficiency.

Seriously if you don’t believe me google it for yourselves and the symptoms are fairly easily treated. There is one downside that when you are nearing the end of the treatment the symptoms do you start to present themselves mainly confusion, forgetfulness and being fairly stressed and most of the time.

The good news is that after being diagnosed and treated she is much, much like her former self. Even when it’s raining I see her whizzing about doing all the things that she would normally do.

I spoke to her today and I’m pleased to report that after her weight lost she has put back on a stone and said to me that she is feeling much more like Old self.

Nothing beats being able to write good news !

Good news post. Vitamin b12 to the rescue

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