Is this guy incredibly clever or stupid. Your opinion please!

Be prepared to embrace stupidity or someone who’s incredibly clever and knows how to play the game of business in a level that i’ll never comprehend. This is exactly why I’m not doing favours of throwing myself into small companies ever again

To give the back story I’ve been working for this guy in his van and protacabin computer business for a month.  he went away in november leaving me to run the business but so long as I didn’t change anything and just got PC’s in to format and re install.

I NOT edited the spelling of these emails at all.  I’ve removed a few key identifiable details but thats it.  So settle back, grab a beverage and prepare yourself.

11 Jan (10 days ago)

i have had major problems out here with customs and tax fines, i need you to close the office with immediate effect from monday 12th january. i am sorting your money out as fast as i can with uk banks sorry for the delay. things i need you to do on monday before closing. make sure no jobs are at the office and if so get them done on monday and hand them back. give redacted the eletric reading number for the office. make sure all money is payed into bank account including cheques. take my van to my mothers and hand her the keys for the van and the office and the sim card for redacted. put a sign on the door saying closed until febuary 9th 2015. put a voice mail on the mobile saying we are closed until febuary the 9th.

they have charged me 2400 dollars out her in tax fees. its turned into nightmare. im back in febuary we can talk more then. at the moment im arguing with them out here at the moment.

do you have a update on the websites, server, and how much money has come in. soon as i sort things out with the banks ill pay you.


11 Jan From me.


Before we discuss anything further and especially before I run errands for free, please can you outline your plans and time scale to pay the amount standing which is XXX.XX for December and XXX.XX for January.


14th Jan From Redacted
You are not running around for free. You are closing the office down untill i get back. I dont understand where you think it is for free. I am waiting for the bank to tranfer money into an account. If you can’t so this to close it down please let me know then i will have someone collect the keys off you and do it. Again can you update me on the websites. redacted is it completed and has payment been made. Are all invoices payed up and has cash been put into back account

15th Jan From Me To Redacted

I have not received any pay since 01/12/2014 which is over 6 weeks ago. I am having to cover my fuel and daily expenses from my personal funds, there was no guarantee from yourself as to when I would receive the money that is outstanding from yourself.

This means I am currently working for free in the hope that you will honour your contract with myself and pay me fairly soon.

If I finalise the closing of the business, am I to add the work needed to to this to the outstanding balance? When would this payment be made. ?

The redacted website is still ongoing. I’ve added the majority of the products but there’s always “just one more” The invoice for work has been submitted to them.

redacted have said they have paid. Seraph I believe you were dealing with. redacted have been chased. All other jobs that I have completed have been paid in already.

I will collate all passwords and relevant information regarding websites completed etc into a document for you and I will forward this in due course


17th Jan From Me To Redacted
Hi redacted.

I’ve yet to receive a response from my email sent on 15th January.

Can you kindly confirm receipt of my email and outstanding balances will be settled.

A copy of this email has been forwarded below.

18th Jan From Redacted
Im working still with the bank. Should have the money within 2 weeks. Then i can pay you straight away. Have you closed down the office yet? Are you in the office tomorrow morning as i have someone coming up to see you.

18th Jan From Me To Redacted
I won’t be in the office Monday morning as it has been closed upon your request. Therefore I will not be about for “someone coming to see me.” as you have said to close the office.

I am prepared to accept outstanding monies owed in part payments if that helps things?
18th Jan, Once again from the redacted one.
i need all payment payed into the business account ASAP. I also need the keys for the van and keys for the office dropped off at my mothers place. She will need to go up the office vsry soon. How much money have you got to put in the business acount. Chegues and cash

18th Jan. From Me To Redacted
As I previously advised you, all money, cheques and cash, have been paid in.

You are putting me in a very difficult situation, you haven’t paid me for 7 weeks, yet you are still expecting me to be free to run around for you dropping keys etc off.

18th Jan From Redacted.
I need things done at the office along with other things. I need both keys. If you do not want to drop these keys off that is fine i will send someone to your house to collect them. When are you home? I am softing your money out along with numerous personal things and business things out here
[21/01/2015] I took a break here from dealing with the fuck jittery for a couple of days before replying.
20th Jan From The Special One.
So I need to know when your home redacted and your address so I can send someone up to collect the keys and van keys. Things need to be Done and you are actually losing money with not responding . I have alot of things trying to sort out and would appreciate it if you put this communication a priority.

21/01/2015 Yesterday From Me…

I’m have lost money because I have yet to be paid and now loosing money because the business is now closed. Closing down the business I don’t understand given how busy the phone was over xmas and the jobs lined up.

I am incredibly aware of how frustrating a lack of reply but given the time zones differences and work I have going on I’m sure you will appreciate I am unable to respond instantly, much like yourself.

  • Once again to recap, I have done as you have requested
  • Office has been closed since 12th Jan.
  • All money has been paid into your account
  • Van keys will be handed in to Rob along with office keys when I have collected my items from the office.

Can you confirm your intention to clear oustanding balances (XXX.XX for December and XXX.XX for January.) by the first week of Feburary.


21st Jan From Redacted
You need to let me know when you are going to the office next so I can get someone to collect the keys and sim. Do not hand these to redacted. I need you to hand them to the person I send up.

Money will be sorted by time I get home. I will pay you direct then and we can discuss about the business.

21st Jan  From Me To Redacted
When I am in the area I will let you know. Will be by the end of the week.

I’m surprised you don’t want the phone keeping on as, like I said, business had potential to be busy and I’ve ended up cancelling jobs due to the closure.


21/01/2015 From Redacted

redacted: You never explained any jobs to me coming in when I asked you. The other jobs still have not been completed from redacted or redacted Neither care homes or server. I am home in 10 days why did you not prospone the jobs till then?

(side note here from me.  If he had actually been to those websites he would have seen the work has been done)

[21/01/2015 11:56:40] From Me To Redacted

I followed your instructions to close the business with “immediate effect” on Monday 12th January. I have not been asked what jobs were due in, simply carried your orders.

I have advised people on the date you are re opening.

redacted website.
There has been no clear direction on what actually needs adding to this website other than “everything”.

For any items missing if you or Chris can supply me with a clear, concise list I’ll will add them. For the record I have asked Chris for a cd of images from his supplier.

Some of the modules paid for in Joomla are out of date and represent a potential security risk. Something I’ve mentioned to you before.

The care home website was taken down on your request. If you have a backup before the hack I’ll be happy to restore it for you.

I will be in Milford on Friday. What time I am not sure yet as I have an appointment with my solicitor.

today I get a phone call from the bloke who rents the office to him saying he’s put a padlock on there!

Welcome to 2015!

Is this guy incredibly clever or stupid. Your opinion please!

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