“The 100”. A Vampire Diaries Set In Space

From the trailers it looked like it had the potential to be a bit of a classic. That bloke from lost (Henry Cussak), excellent CGI rendered space stations and what looks like it could of been a semi decent plot.  Man kind left earth and now 98 years later wants to go back but it might not be safe blah, blah blah.

Not to say that I called it but what a load of complete and utter rubbish and I guess this from the cutaway scenes when they would show the outside of the space station book for an incredibly short amount of time.

Anybody not familiar with the program, the 100 is set in the future and we have evacuated here into a floating space station around the planet.

Running out of oxygen they send the “prisoners” down to earth to see if it survivable.

It just so happens that all of these “prisoners” happen to be relatively attractive teenagers with lots of brooding issues.

It’s right at the start of the series where introduced to the main Halloween, Charlie. That name is something you’re going to hear at least five times every minutes and that’s on a good day.
I’m guessing that Charlie is the space version of that girl from the vampire diaries who is just attractive enough to be a cock tease so that she has to choose between a werewolf or a vampire.

As you might imagine the teenage “prisoners” or hit the grains, anarchy breaks out but yes there is still a fresh supply of hair and make-up kits available just to keep everyone looking pristine.

A leader merges of the group who it turns out to shot the presidents back on the space station and keeps flip-flopping between being a good guy all bad guy.
It turns out that Charlie likes this guy and another guy both with equal measure but the other guy has a girlfriend that arrived on the planet a few episodes later.

These teenagers don’t have any special powers well unless you account for radiation immunities but that comes later on in the series but they do have special talents like being able to build a hydroponics farm, make walkie-talkies from salvage ship parts and then somehow managing to craft and. And some minor managing to craft of tools and chop down is enough to fully fortify a camp.

So then you have the start of state of the dog but wait it then goes on to borrow from Stargate because would you believe it, one of the planets natives and that joining the teenage brooding camp. And guess what, he has issues as well.

What really puzzles me is how the whole show seems to revolve around Charlie after all she’s only the daughter of a doctor on the space station. She seems to rise in power after the token black kid is killed off halfway through the season.

The whole plot is being enough to start with but when they do start trying to touch on the morality of kill or be killed and trying to rise above it, bringing the laws from the space station going onto the planet it’s so paperthin you think that’s the writers had to put in there as some sort of contractual clause.

But I don’t know if the rushed feeling throughout the whole program is entirely the fault of the writers. Gotham has the same issue of trying to push too fast too soon developing any characters as well.
The only reason I can see that this is the ever naming threats of consolation. Revolution was a fantastic series with some absolutely class acting which makes the 100 look like they’re all still in a local village and the amatur dramatics club.

There is one major difference between Toftland and the 100 is that Gotham has continued to grow and get better, keeping a semi long story arc bubbling away nicely.

With 100 i.e. binge watched the first six episodes which is normally a good sign but then it got reduced to a category B status for watching it whilst bored and now is the category W. W is reserved for shows the appeal me there to give me some background noise whilst I’m washing up.

Next up I will be reviewing ZNation, A not at all similar to the walking dead zombie apocalypse type thing.

“The 100”. A Vampire Diaries Set In Space

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