Part 2 Of Is He Fucking Clever Or Fucking Stupid?

Its a follow up post to is My Boss Clever Or just a dumb shit. I’ve NOT edited any of the text apart from to hide the identies of anyone involved. Any spelling mistakes have not been intentionally put in there, nor the grammar mistakes. So it’s part 2 of Fupin Clever or Fupin Stupid

From Redacted : 22 Jan (5 days ago) to me
M.. a code woo be sent to the phone I need you to email me it when you receive it please

From Redacted : 22 Jan (5 days ago) to me
M.. I need that code is very important

From Redacted 22 Jan (5 days ago) to me
Mark I need that code within 3 hours or I’m missing a flight. Ams it will cost me a futune

From Me 22 Jan (5 days ago) to Redacted
Only just got the messages now. I will charge the phone now and get it to you asap.

From Redacted 22 Jan (5 days ago) to me
Mr B is coming to collect the equipment off you. Key for office and van key. Simply card. You can give the fob to rob if you like or Mr B will

From Me 22 Jan (5 days ago) to Redacted
Was there any particular reason why you didn’t call me and got a colleague to call me instead?

Redacted has kept in touch with me and has said there have been quite a few people turning up to the office with laptops and computers.

Just so you know he has said to me that the key and the fob for the yard is not to be handed to anyone but himself.

Once the phone is charged I will send across the code.

From Redacted
Stop being awkward. Turn the phone on and send me the code now. I am in cash …
22 Jan (5 days ago)

From Me : 22 Jan (5 days ago) to Redacted

I’m not being awkward but I know exactly how you feel with regards to having cash issues.
As I said in a previous email if you would like to come up with a instalment plan then I will be more than happy to consider that.

The code has just come through and it’s 547XXX
Hopefully you will have this code in the time to make your flight.

From Redacted : 22 Jan (5 days ago) to me
Hand the keys and sim to rob tomorrow and wait for me to come home to sort your payment out.

From Redacted 22 Jan (5 days ago) to me
What is the new code that one expired

From Redacted 22 Jan (5 days ago) to me
I need you to send me the new code now  Redacted

From Me 22 Jan (5 days ago) to  Redacted
As explained I’ll drop the items to Redacted the next time I am passing through M…….

Am I to assume that you are not interested in settling outstanding balances via smaller instalments? If you would kindly explain to me why I have to wait till you get home before clearing outstanding amounts owed it would be appreciated.

The new code came through as 547… (bloggers note. The SAME code as before)

For the record when was the lock put onto the office door that R.. has informed me about?


From Redacted 22 Jan (5 days ago) to me
I am paying you once missed this flight now that once again last money. We seriously need to talk about why this communication had broken down. What have you been speaking to rob about please.


From Redacted 24 Jan (3 days ago) To me
Redacted have you Handed the keys intro rob yet?

From Me 25 Jan (2 days ago) to Redacted
Dear Redacted.

I write this email as a courtesy as I don’t normally work on Sunday’s.

Yes the communication has broken down as you seem unable or unwilling to answer anything I have asked.

To the point where you able to give my personal number to someone I don’t know as opposed to contacting me yourself.

You closed the business with “immediate effect” after not being in contact for 9 days!

1. To recap. Once again.. I am NOT prepared to make a special trip to the office. I will GLADLY drop the keys and fob off when I next head that way. This will be Tuesday.

This I have said to you on no less than three occasions. My reason is that I literally cannot afford to incur any more costs. I am unwilling to have s stranger call to my home address.

2. When was the lock put on the office? I still have some personal items there and it looks very much like the lock was out on there after I informed you of this. Please confirm the date and time you locked the office.

3. You say that CBT work has not been completed. I have asked what else needs to be done. You have neither acknowledged that I have offered to finish this task nor provided the information I asked for. I.e what EXACTLY has not been done. Again I am more than happy to finish this once the details have been finalised.

4. I have asked several times about company 1, company 2 and company 3 outstanding balances. You have neither acknowledged or provided me with any updates.

MOST IMPORTANTLY. When are you going to pay me? From your communication it would seem you are able to afford flights around Cambodia etc yet I am still waiting.

To answer your query about what I have discussed with MR RE could you be more specific and I’ll do my best to answer any questions or queries you might have.


From Redacted 00:51 (23 hours ago)
The communication has broken down via email. You have a problem with authority from me. The van needed to be used for a job that i have now lost out on. I will be reporting the van key stolen to the police within 24 hours. You told me friday you would drop the key off.

I will speak to you in person when i arrive back in the UK as you don’t seem to cooporate over phone of email.

Part 2 Of Is He Fucking Clever Or Fucking Stupid?

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