Will work for food. Tried that and I still got stuffed over

I seem to be asking myself an awful lot was recently the age old question of “is it me”. Time after time no how much I want to help people ain’t all when business or do anything that I can be a part of that might be successful I’m the one who seems to lose out in the long haul.

I die in a local village has just set up his own gourmet pizza restaurant and of course he is one of the types of people that says he has no money to do anything. To the point where he is home with me wages for some work that I’ve done quite a while ago and has only just coughed up.

Unlike the issues I’m having with the other dickhead who hasn’t paid me I was always confident that he would.

Hello setting up a website takes me about 30 minutes just to get the basics up and running I offered him a lifeline. He wanted a business, I like his food, so let’s do a deal.

He pays me to buy the domain names, or will do, and in return for some free food I maintain the website, do the blogging and all the other social media type stuff.

Morning once the pizza guy has been happy to explain that it costs me pittance to make a pizza something along the lines of 69p for the base ingredients and about £30 per night to keep the wood burning pizza oven is going.

What costs work out to be about $15 per month for my web hosting and that’s pretty much all-you-can-eat so in my world if I can get some free food out of him then it means I’m spending less overall.

Is one really important thing here. This guy is obsessed with Facebook. I mean completely obsessed he seems to be under the impression that the whole business community, feedback, customer satisfaction and perhaps more than most importantly to him, the number of lights he gets per post it directly attached to his mood.

Granted Facebook does have its place in the business world but I’m still yet to be convinced that it should be your only port of call. Yes you can have your own page on Facebook but it’s still a little bit like spending money on Google ad words and not having a website to really engage with people.

I’ve tried to explain to him many times that not everybody will see all these updates because Facebook customises what you see based on trends and past history. The gig out there know all this but for me you’re fighting for the attention of people who will gladly played like 1 million times on the picture of a cute cat. Not that I have anything against cute cats LOL.

What are the pinnacle of working for the pizza guy is that we get half price pizzas and if the order is incredibly large say £30 or afterwards we get about 25% off. No I rambled on for ages but I feel it’s important to set the scene of why I’m so incredibly pissed off right now and with one of the girls who works there.

Sunday night is Top Gear night so I gave them a call at 7:20 PM and ordered a pizza and seeing as it’s buy one get one free it was happy days.

The girl on the phone Tasha, tells me is going to be 8 pounds including delivery and should be more than 40 minutes.

40 minutes comes and goes.
60 minutes comes and goes.
One hour 20 minutes after placing my order I get a phone call

The phone call is from Tasha, the girl who took my order, to tell me that I would now be paying full price for my pizza and she’s just spoken to the pizza . The pizza guy said to charge for delivery pricing.

I asked politely at first outcomes I’m not getting any discount and all I was told was speak to the pizza guy.

My next question was did he mean that I have to pay full price for delivery i.e. one payment or am I paying full price on the entire delivery i.e. the retail prices of all the food.

“I don’t know speak to Pizza guy”

Me: “are you actually being serious? After one hour and 20 minutes of waiting I know you have to pay full price?

(Remember that earlier on when I placed the order I asked for confirmation of what it would cost)

Tascher then proceeds to get a little bit shitty with me saying speak to the pizza guy. I said okay, try to call him and wouldn’t you believe it his phone is off so I left a nice unpolite voicemail message on Sunday evening.

Side note: it is worth noting that the pizza guy when he’s not at work doesn’t want anything to do with it other than looking at the feedback on Facebook.

I come back the pizza shop again saying if its full price for delivery does that mean I still get it at staff discount if I come and collect it.


One hour 40 minutes has no past since placing my initial order.

It’s obviously now gone past 9 o’clock, The peace and tranquillity of Top Gear night has been smashed into smithereens but to make it even worse the food I received was incredibly substandard.

I’ve never seen a fat girl moves so fast and when I pulled up outside of the restaurant to collect my order because she obviously didn’t want to deal with me.

Tams The chef of the night apologised because she called the pizza guy to query the delivery charge to another village on this is apparently where it’s all kicked off.

I’m going to hazard a guess that I should pay the full delivery charge which is fine, I don’t mind paying them for thinking them to my door and tipping the driver for delivery. The drivers by the way only get 10p per mile.

After you’ve done 54 miles around the back roads of where I live you soon realise that 10p a mile is nowhere near enough.

I’m pissed off on occasions of several things.

One. Waiting over an hour and 20 minutes for food. The weight so much doesn’t bother me as I have worked there so I know exactly what it’s like I tend to be more tolerant than some of the customers that they get.

But then To then be told I have to face full price sucks.

Two. If the pizza guy has suddenly decided to charge full price to staff surely common sense and good manners would mean he would give staff the heads up?

Three. We have an agreement. going nothing was written by but at least I’m glad to say this is my last ever time I will take anybody at their word.

I’ve done, the value of ID from experience and knowing a little bit more about web design and marketing than the pizza guy.

If he’s going to make me pay full price for things that he selling to me and we think it’s only fair that I even withdraw my services to help him or charge him accordingly at the standard rate.

But most of all I’m pissed off with Heimrich power this young girl hands. This is one of her first jobs and takes great pride in bossing me around. Not anybody else, none of the other pizza drivers, but me.

This isn’t some sort of I will with me, look at me I’m a victim here but actually standing back and being as objective as possible.

I’d even mentioned it to another coworker to get a response “oh that’s just her being her”.

Excuse me but when the fuck has that ever been acceptable for being rude.

As I said in any previous posts it seems like the lower the wage you are on the more shit you have to eat just to keep that small amount.

I worked all levels and the only difference with being paid 7 pound per hour and being paid five times as much as that is the type of shit you have to wait but I know one thing. Shit sure tastes a lot nicer when you get paid more money.

Tomorrow’s post: how I lost £6000 in the first opening sentence from my solicitor

Will work for food. Tried that and I still got stuffed over

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