Placing too much importance on how people see me.

previously on marks world I wrote about swallowing a major shift some which. Basically trying to help out someone starting up a new business has resulted in nothing but stress and adding to my own self doubt.

to and more usual disclaimers it’s not like I have an ego that needs to be fared in any way shape or form. For me it’s always been about trying to prove a point to myself that what I say does have some merit but the more I try and prove a point everybody else apart from myself the more I fail.

I don’t know why I have a need to try and help everyone else apart from myself and more often than not the more help and assistance I try to give to people for no other reason than a genuine wanting to help the more miserable I make myself.

The whole situation with the pizza guy reminds me of many, many times I’ve applied for a job. There is my resume set out before the interviewer and the interviewer is usually from a certain type of person looking for a certain type of person to fit in with certain types of people. Look around you in your workplace environment now people may seem somewhat similar but that’s part of the game of fitting into keep your job.

Many times interviewers have looked at me and then looked at my resume and really don’t understand how someone like myself has done what I’ve done. It’s like they had this mental image in their heads of the stereotypical person who writes have worked in Dubai, around the UK and for some incredibly big corporations in the UK. Then I rolled up and they have a complete what the fuck moment.

This sort of situation is none too dissimilar to exactly what’s happening in the pizza place. Cutting a long story very short why would any business owner in their right mind listen to someone who is being paid 7 pounds an hour yet offers quite Sage business advice.

No matter how much since I make no matter how much information I might have it doesn’t matter. All that person is ever going to see is someone that he is paying 7 pounds to do what he wants them to do.

I once said to him you have a choice. You know that I’m good with marketing, websites and I have loads of ideas. So you can either have me washing up stuff and making boxes whilst it’s quiet or you can sit me in front of a computer and really get the most from me. no prizes for guessing what option he took.

And whilst I’m hovering over a sink washing up yet again because the fat lazy bitch use only 19 doesn’t want to do it but instead spends more time on Facebook than actually cooking food it reminds me of an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares. In one particular episode Gordon offers his services to do anything in the kitchen for a struggling head chef.

Anything at all, a world wide remaining share who is hopefully somewhat respected for his cooking skills has offered up his services and skills for nothing.

so what did their head chef ask someone like Gordon Ramsay to do? Peel and crap vegetables. The sort of menial task you give a brand-new kitchen hand to do.   He could have used his expertise on the front line, gotten help and expertise to get the food out  as good as it possibly could be. This one particular scene has always stood out for me as it represents to me what people value “free” to be.

As I stand there washing up under the instructions of the 19-year-old trainee from the council estate who has only had one other job before this one the scene plays very clearly in my head.

The pizza guy has made his choice, as I said he could utilise my skills and I’m actually sat there with him giving him loads of marketing ideas  because for some reason I really get involved with new companies. He’s made the choice not to utilise my skills and why should he? At the end of the day I’m willing to work for 7 pounds an hour.

He’s more than happy to pay Facebook quite substantial amounts of money for a company that apparently is earning much money for Facebook ads. There is one thing that keeps ringing true in my head right now, people have no value in what you do unless you charge them for it.

Let me give you an example.

one of the people I work with runs a glamorous campaign website. It’s a camping site that her parents gave her but for some reason she is also delivering pizzas on the side and working as a cleaner. Nothing wrong with that at all and fair place to the girl for working herself so hard.

She’s been on about wanting to change the website and has approached several companies for the consultation phase. Local companies have charged there anything from £300-£3000 for a new website. After those figures came in she thought they were too high and when another company came in at £200 she decided that was not enough and she couldn’t possibly have anything worthwhile for that amount of money. Anyways I digress.

thinking that she needed to rebrand and redesign the company she went to a designer. This designer charged her £300 for a day and a half’s work. She paid this money willingly and then said to me the following night that she doesn’t even really like the logo. Apparently this guy had done work for some major corporations but what he delivered was a complete pile of crap but, as I said she paid for it.

This is where I’ve learnt you can’t make people pay for something they don’t want. Take the website for the pizza place for example. He says he wants a website but paying for is a different matter and that’s entirely my fault.

Would you want to have someone working for you who would only want to work for 59p per hour? Granted if you want to employ someone from India then that’s more than doable but we’re talking about here in the UK.

Thinking I was being helpful I said that I would exchange my blog writing services in exchange for food for gratis from his pizza place.

Many many daytimes times he’s  told me me that the cut the cost of lost of his peers in green ingredient skills and to make to make a complete the pizza in total cost costs 59p. and this been an incredibly big surprise when he said to me on Wednesday that he simply cannot afford to give pizzas away but yet embraces buy two get one free.

You see why I agreed to do this was because it would cost me about £9for a really nice gourmet pizza. immediately I have placed a higher value on the product than he has. Why should have been asking myself is how much is it costing him.

Imagine the situation of going to a bank and saying if I give you a 80p the bank will give you £80 back.

As I write this I’m actually still kicking myself with the level of stupidity I have for agreeing to do this but the guy at the time seemed genuine and, like a twat, I wanted to help.

Spinning back to my last blog post I asked a question how should I deal with this situation? After speaking to a friend it simple. I’m going to say nothing so one inevitable question comes up of what’s happening why the about the website, why isn’t his email working any more, posts being made to twitter etc etc I’m going to give him 59p’s worth of  answers.

this isn’t to say that I’m going to be nasty, snide or clever but follow the age old adage of treat people like how you would like to be treated.

I will be my usual calm and polite herself and just simply say “well I was under the impression we had an agreement, I was in getting paid so I simply stopped work”

I don’t think there’s a real need to say anything more than that and if he does want a website and for me to do blogging, article writing and the search for him I will tell him straight. I’m more than happy to help you out and give you a little bit of discount on my standard rate charges.

Of course I realise that I won the risk of hearing being a bit of Naas thinking that I’m only saying these things of lights of the conversation we had on Wednesday.

I’m just going to tell him that business is business. At the end of the day I thought we had an agreement like. He can’t afford to give away his products for free and that’s a very good point because nor can I.

Like I said I’m going to be polite and offer him the chance to use my services if he so wishes but if he wants to go elsewhere then that’s fine. I’m happy to be just that guy with no stress or aggravation stood in the corner just making boxes and washing dishes for now.

Placing too much importance on how people see me.

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