Swallowing a shit sandwich

So in the other day I wrote about home after waiting one hour and 20 minutes for a pizza only to be told that our staff I no longer get any discount over the phone by the jumps up girl with ideas above her station. She’s one of those types not because she’s been there from the start think she has a level of seniority but the moment it get all the park.

It also turns out that she’s on some medication that greatly affects her mood.

All of this is okay because “that’s just Tasha”. That’s like saying my new Ghostbusters reboot is all about equality and female empowerment in this day and age. Whilst I have nothing against an all-female Ghostbusters cast it does strike me a little bit as a disingenuous Hollywood. Why can’t it be A mixed group of people. After all they have included a couple of different ethnic cities.

Anyway like I normally do I’ve digressed.

Wednesday comes around all too quickly and a walk-in with my usual forced cheery demeanour and say afternoon everybody. One of the girls greets me and asks how I’ve been doing, the pizza guy gives me a grunt of a high back and as usual Tasha says nothing.

As the shift goes on I keep my head down and myself to myself. I’ve already decided that in the back of my head I’m just goes walking, do the hours, and get the fuck out of their as quickly as possible.   As the shift continues there is some cheery banter between the pizza guy and Tasha. I’m starting to get the feeling that this is a shot across the bows. You know that feeling you get when someone is being all chummy and friendly with someone just to make a point? I’m laughing and sniggering to myself as I can see the obvious happening before me by don’t say anything. After washing up and continue making my pizza boxes.

Nearing the end of the shift the immortal words “I’d like to have a chat with you before you go”

It turns out that the female members of staff aren’t happy with me and apparently I verbally abused them.   The pizza guy is bordering on being quite intimidating. This is my fault as he pours up a chair and I sit down before him so he standing in front of me whilst I’m sat down. A stupid power play on his part but one that I fell into. The moment I sat down I realised the error of my ways.

Apparently I cause great distress and upset the staff that night. it had been quite busy and stressful night. I sympathise with him saying I’ve been in that situation but at the end of the day when I’m not working here I’m a customer and expect to be treated the same.

I did say that however I understand that things are busy and I will give some leeway for my order to be put to the back of the pile. But then to be given a call after an hour and 10 minutes to be told that you would up the price and we have is an agreement in place I think I had a right to be paced off.

This is then where the accusation started flying about. Apparently I swore to the staff, which I didn’t, apparently I told one member of staff to pierce off, which I didn’t so one and so forth. About five minutes into the conversation I realised exactly what was going on here and the very fact he sat me down and started accusing me before asking me “what happened that night” said it all about the sort of character he is as a boss.

Last Sunday night I called his phone and left a voicemail, the next day I sent him a message on Facebook and I asked him why he hadn’t responded. He simply said to me that he’s crap I getting back to people on the phone and wanted to wait to speak to me in person.

So I asked them that’s does he feel is acceptable to make me wait three days to speak to him about something like this. Believe me he quickly glossed over answering that one.

They don’t come back with the fact that apparently what I’ve done is bordering on verbal abuse and in his experience I can be reported to the police. I simply said go ahead. This was very quick thinking on my part because if he had gone down this route I would have dragged each and every one of them down the rabbit hole as far as humanly possible.

As I said when I first started working there, there is a situation with me and one other woman working. From day one she’s been nothing but rude and an accommodating.

The most basic example I can get is that if it’s quiet and she’s making a cup of tea she will actually ask everyone apart from myself. I’ve even looked at her when she’s been asking everyone and she outright ignores me.

I mention this to the pizza guy and he said yes, he’s not stupid he seen that she’s had a problem with me from day one. I only wish I’d had the foresight to ask why he has done nothing about it.

The conversation moves on and I’m thinking to myself: the second why my getting all of this sheds and nobody else’s site let rip both barrels of the gun.

I said the amount of times I’ve been sent out with one bills has been unreal. If I overcharge that’s not a problem but if I am the charge and my float is down at the end of the night that’s my problem. I’m actually seen this girl cooking food in one hand and being on Facebook in the other hand. But what I find really unacceptable is the fact that never once in a shift have I seen her wash your hands.

This is made all the more ironic because the pizza guy told me to wash my hands more often then in a parrotlike fashion cashier told me exactly the same thing but neither of them washed their hands during a shift.

You could tell all the feedback I was giving him was going in one ear and out the other. I found out a few nights later that he has some form of dyspraxia or attention deficit disorder. Not to mention that for all of his pomp and circumstance he seems to be stuck in a world of his past where seemingly he might have been bullied or not accepted by people as much as he would like.

I fired back at him that this whole situation came about because I was told information latest night on a Sunday. He admitted that was his fault and should have dealt with it better but why the hell am I taking the brunt of his inability to communicate? And I reminded him of a meeting we had back in December where I said I’d be happy to help out on the website and writing content for him in exchange for free food.

“I wasn’t sure what we agreed upon”

if he wasn’t sure they’re why did we have a chat with me ending up buying his website name for him, setting up his twitter account and WordPress site for him?

Just recently the alarm bells have started ringing. The pizza guy places way too much emphasis on the number of likes he gets on his Facebook page. I mean seriously this guy is desperate for good feedback which is understandable but it is only focus in the world right now.

I’ve tried telling him that Facebook should be the social element to a business webpage not the be all and end all of any business but as you can imagine that stuck with him like a slug on a tea file frying pan.

after 20 minutes we hit the crux of the issue. Basically he cannot afford to give away free pizza. I wasn’t about to rip into the fact that he’s currently doing a promotion where you can buy two pizzas and get one free. Personally I would have done by one get one half-price pseudo-race to the bottom of discounting just to get a sale.

But what do I know.

This is also the guy who’s decided that giving away 10% to just eat.co.uk is way more preferable than having his own credit card machine and generating business for himself.

can and only be charged 2% rather than 10%. Thankfully I didn’t mention that I’ve tested just eat and he’s forgotten to exclude areas that he doesn’t deliver to.

Whilst I remember he also hasn’t trained any of the staff on how to use the machine that’s hooked up directly to just eat. Have I said anything no, am I going to say anyth noo.

So I’m not entirely sure if I’m being a bit of a bastard. I’m writing him a letter now basically charging him for my services and asking him simply if you would like me to continue then pay me if not I will walk away and just be “a delivery driver”

One thing I’ve learnt is that only people will listen to you if you value yourself. The only real way to get anybody to listen to you is if they actively ask your advice or pay for it.

It’s like when your girlfriend has a hard days. Before I go any further I learned this from the big bang theory before anyone thinks that I am trying to claim credit. When your partner gets home and live had a particularly bad day they don’t want you to give them solutions they just want to have a moan. This is exactly the same in business.

At the end of the shift is just about cash up and go home he starts up, sedation with the staff asking how much should he charge for providing catering to a wedding event. Various figures were given ranging from£8-£15 per head.

As he would start next to the oven talking away he looked up and mistakenly caught me looking at him and I held my ground so he had to ask me. “So, Mark, how much do you think I should charge?”

I ask you a few questions first like how many people, how long will it take, where is the venue, what type of venue will it be will be a hotel or a marquee?   Without giving him a figure I simply said you need to take a look at the type of people going and where is being held but most importantly ask yourself how much do you want to make to make it worthwhile to yourself?

The pizza guy says £1000.

I said well if that’s all you want to make then you know how much to charge per head. But charge what you are going to be happy with and a figure that if you don’t get the business you know you can walk away from it because it’s not worth your while.

there was a look on his face that I haven’t been quite able to work out what it’s meant until now.  Basically a look of dammit you’re right and I’ve no comeback to that.

a few moments pass other than I get but what about if I get undercut what about if people charge more than me and I love this sort of thinking If only because it gives me the chance to say along the lines of stop thinking about what other people are doing and how you compete with them just do what you’re good at and if you’re any good a people will want what you do.

And with that I grabbed my coat and said cheerio to everybody paced off with the fact that for no I’ve been out manoeuvre and outwitted by a 19-year-old slapper

Swallowing a shit sandwich

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