It’s a long way to travel

Thanks to you a bit of the bottom kicking from an old friend of mine I did something that I never normally do, cold call companies asking them if they had any positions available.

Well wouldn’t you believe it that both companies said that they hired someone a few days previous to my phone cool. One woman in particular made
As I said I’d seen the job advertised on their twitter feed and it was quite obvious that she had no idea about that before telling me that the position at the filled.

Both of these positions were what I call fairly local. There were about 30 minutes drive away but I was amazed at how they both said that “it’s quite a bit of a trek”

Actually couldn’t believe this as unfortunate enough to live on the Pembrokeshire coastline so I get to see some of the best scenery.Wales has to offer pretty much every day.

Granted nobody chooses to be in a car for any longer than they really have two regeneratively speaking but a 30 minute drive isn’t that bad.

But I find myself explaining this point to people saying that it could be worse. I could live in a city and spend 30 minutes trying to drive 5 miles.

Anyone he’s visited Bristol and gone down the dreaded M 32 during rush hour will know exactly what I mean. When I worked in Birmingham at the Longbridge plantwhich by the way was one of the most singularly miserable things on this planet I’ve ever done it would take me about 40 minutes just to drive 15 miles. And that is using the ratlines.

In the job centre they make everyone signing up to an agreement that you will look for work that is 90 minutes travelling time from your home so I don’t really understand why people would think that a 30 mile drive is that long.

Some of the top managers in the local Tesco branches and raining here willingly, for whatever reason, drive an hour and 15 each way.

This gets me thinking about using public transport more instead of my car which I would happily do As long as it was slightly okay.

What I mean by that is that if it’s cold and wet you can at least get into some transport that is warm conversely if its boiling hot outside to have things at 10 sensible temperature.

I’m still waiting for this miracle revolution of public transport in the UK to happen.

By the way Germany seems to have solved this problem. Not all the time but I damsite a lot more than we have.

Right now I’m not even sure I could entirely justify the cost on the bus trip.

From my house to my local time is about 14 miles the cost of a return trip is about £3.60. So granted is the same, just about, as the fuel needed for my car but with the obvious advantage of not needing insurance get the obvious downsides.

Anyways my reasoning for mentioning all this is because I’ve had a new lease of life trying to find a half decent job but it really doesn’t look like that’s going to happen around here.

This also partly explains my enthusiasm to help people with their businesses rather than trying to start my own.

A couple of years ago, well about a year and a half, I was trying to get involved with a local radio station. It all sounded very positive until I started asking him about how he was actually going to make money.
What his plans for income streams,
How does having a local radio station push Artis in Internet Ashton mark

Funnily enough I got no answer. Can anybody see a theme here.

Once again I said I would do the website for him and help out wherever I can giving him a few fairly decent ideas as I went along.

I’ve just seen on his Facebook page that despite having about six different divisions of his company he’s now got a fund raising page to help him raise £10,000

I’m not sure about this guy Mintone to either after all he’s posted quite an impassioned plea that despise moving into a big new house that he is renting with his wife, having all the successful artists he still needs to launch a fundraising page.

At least in the back of my head that I know I’m right. Had he heeded any of my advice then perhaps he would have at least started making some money.

Or perhaps I should write to him and ask one has numerous sales positions LOL

It’s a long way to travel

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