Calmly and collectively I walked away

This marks the final instalment of the pizza guy stories. previously on the pizza guy stories I’d left the pizza place after the briefest of exchanges with the pizza owner’s wife saying that if it was up to me I wouldn’t be paying 10% of my business to just but instead working on getting my own credit card machine and only paying 2%

As a very quick aside I had pushed the idea of a portable credit card reader but that was shot down in flames when he discovered the transaction rate was 2.5%

I never said it was a bad idea I nearly suggested that it would be a viable alternative. Well that came back to hit me with a vengeance as I started my shift at 5:30 PM and ended walking out at 5:15 PM

Walking and I’m nice and polite to everybody including Natasha he wants again didn’t even bother to say hello and I got met with a very short and sharp hi from Owen.

There’s a new driver washing up and I can see that no pizza boxes are available so I go about writing that wrong.

I’m minding my business and then the new guy introduces himself to me The moment I’m showing the guy on how to fold pizza boxes or hell starts to break loose

“So you don’t think using Justines is a good idea”
“I never said that” in a nice way sensing that this could become a little bit confrontational .
“Yes you dead”
“No I didn’t I I'” Didn’t get the chance to finish what I wanted to say.
“You told my wife that using Justines was a bad idea”
“Actually no I didn’t”
Pizza guy then shouts upstairs to his wife “did he tell you that using JUST EAT was a bad idea”.
There is a bit of am and all from his wife but then she says yes.
“Are you calling my wife a lair ”
“Not a tour I simply”
once again I’ve been cut off before I had a chance to properly answer.

“So you’re lying to me then”
“Nope I”
“Are you calling my wife a fucking liar”
“Not at all”
Are you calling my wife a fucking liar”
By this time he’s coming around from the service station and is directly squaring up to me.
Calm and collected I try once again to say my actual points “look I’m not calling your wife a liar.” Once again I’m cut-off is
My wife is not a fucking lie in the fuck do you think you are calling my light wife liar. ”

Realising that I’m actually going to get to explain my side of things I finished folding my last box and say “right it’s fine I know where I’m not wanted”.

This point I tuned them out as you still rabbiting on about saying that I called his wife a liar.

I can only put on my coat and simply say “look there’s no point even trying to discuss this with you or talk to you if you’re not going to let me finish”

But the one thing that really pissed me off is seeing the smirky and vindictive smile from Natasha in the kitchen as I drove away.

I can understand someone being hotheaded as I can me that type of individual myself but at least I always make sure that I listen to peoples explanations before the red mist descends.

It was quite surreal because he hands his staff there and one of his kids cooking pizza, which by the way she didn’t wash your hands when touching any of the ingredients.

And you could just sense he was building up and building up to lash out on me and I pretty much guess this from the moment I walked in.

If it had been at all possible I would’ve stayed to the end of my shift and then politely said I don’t think I’m coming back today and I think that’s why always had in the back of my mind if only for the fact that, once again, I’ve not been paid for a couple of weeks

If he chooses not to pay me then that’s up to him but for someone who holds their Facebook number of lights in the highest regard I guess it’s not going to be too hard to find a whole load of fake accounts and start producing that five star rating.

Some might call that : petty and vindictive vindictive.

Personally I like to think of it as you reap what you sow

Calmly and collectively I walked away

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