Being awake at 5:30 AM on a Sunday should be a crime

Okay so was actually 5:37 AM when I woke up and try what time might that was no getting back to sleep for this person. The moment I cleared my head of one thought another rushing to take its place and as 5:37 AM tending to 6:45 AM I gave up the battle and just got up. No I have been considering for quite some time making a major change in my life well at least a big change on what time I get up and out of bed.

Trying to work from home is exactly as I’ve just written it, trying. Unless you have a spare dedicated room in which you can lock yourself away, turn off text messages and separate yourself from the world it basically doesn’t work. If you have a girlfriend all pets you can forget about trying to do anything in the normal working day.

Perhaps this is just one of life’s little fireballs that there is always something else to do. but the distractions, I my god, the distractions.

90% of the week nobody wants anything to do with me, I separated myself away from the attention sucking time grabbing void that is Facebook, text messages are very few and far between and phone calls even less so. As I write that I’m pondering why I actually need an iPhone.

But it’s during this Crystal moments of clarity in the week where I have the thought process to sit down and start tackling a review, apply for jobs, do anything productive and that’s when every single possible destruction will start

Right in the middle of all of the most beautifully creative paragraphs of reviewing I can possibly muster that’s exactly the time I get a phone call and end up just laughing in the end. I mean how does the universe know at that time to try and break my flow?

By the time that I’ve dealt with everything that needs dealing with that pretty much lease me drained and as the hour of the day approaches 4 PM I start thinking what’s the point next try again tomorrow.

This lack of getting anything done has really affected my psyche. so this coming week I want to try an experiment.

Willingly getting up at 6:30 AM.

Initially I had wanted to say 5 AM and that is going to be the target goal.


The photograph really doesn’t do it justice but trust me it’s not that cold outside but it’s quite beautiful and stirring.

There’s also the other upside is that nobody I know in their right mind would contact me first thing in the morning so it means I have that mental space to do all the things that I want to do.

I can then crash out for an hour guilt free knowing that I’ve actually done something rather than crashing eight from mental exhaustion and frustration. Anyone reading this you suffered from depression should have a vague idea what I’m on about

It’s not going to be that easy getting up that time in the morning first off there’s the heating side of things as in I have none. Once my fire is lit from the previous night has gone out my house temperature normally hovers around about 6 to 8° mark.

In the evening sometimes it hits the high double digits, 12 to 15° if I’m lucky.

My oversize computer desk is incredibly practical for an office but not for a front Rheim why seem to have strategically placed it to get the maximum amount of draft going around my feet a problem further exaggerated with a front door that’s more bent than The chilcot enquiry.

On a completely unrelated side topic, Nick Clegg in the last leg actually impressed me but not as much as Alex Brookers interview style If there were more people like Alex Brooker doing interviews which certainly cut through the main to bullshit this country experiences

One other thing I have to try and fig. 8 is the choice of radio station in the morning:

Radio Caroline: a little bit eccentric music wise in the morning and hosted by an American but not that bad.

BBC six music: Waterloo station is that I feel I should like given my age and desire to try and find new music. Sean Keavney comes that was an excellent one-liners but it can feel a little bit samey and ironic post modern. Imagine listening to Stuart Maconi reading the book I need got the idea.

Radio one with Nick Grimshaw. Not a chance in hell. dear Nick stop trying to be my friend and stop telling me how great showbiz life is hanging around with one direction all the time.

Another site knows why would Radio One go out of their way to clear one direction over that weed smoking incidents I wonder.

BBC radio two: I can’t quite put my finger on what I don’t like about Chris Evans presenting style. It seems to be a little bit too forced cheeriness in the morning. Am I actually saying that I preferred this move dulcet tones and the subtle humour of Terry Wogan?

Any commercial radio station: no, just no. commercial radio is like bBC3. Adults pretending that they’re younger than there to age trying to be dying with the kids.

I’m not saying that the Chris Moyles show was perfect but at least it have a touch of intelligence and humour to it in places even if it was

Being awake at 5:30 AM on a Sunday should be a crime

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