Me unconventional interview.

I was actually supposed to have the phone interview yesterday but apparently due to a last minute meeting it was rescheduled for this morning. 11 AM and a mobile number cause me so I’m assuming it’s the guy he’s going to interview me and it was.

The previous day I’d spent a good couple of hours researching the company that I’m applying to and the parents owners of that company. Turns out I needn’t have bothered because I never got asked what do I know about the company.

Did use some of the information I’ve cleaned off the Internet for the end bit of the interview when you get asked “do you have any questions”

Personally I think the interview went okay. I’m trying not to say good on purpose as I don’t want to curse myself but overall I’m fairly happy with the way I answered everything.

Are you some of their slogans from their website, which I highly doubt the recruiter new about, to say that I’m keen on building and engaging with clients much like the company does and all that sort of bollocks.

It turns out that they’re rather keen on this sort of thing liking the fact I work as a proactive not just a reactive support person.

I’ve never supported anything apple in the real world at all apart from the one time I had to crack open an iMac to replace the hard drive thankfully Apple make most of their supports level documentation free and available online so at least I got to make use of my speed reading abilities. Chucking in your buzzword here and there helped a little as well I hope.

Thinking back on the interview all the others questions seem to be a bit of a merry dance leading up to the discussion about “you are aware this job is in Dublin”

There seem to be quite a lot of interest on how long it would take me to relocate, where would I stay, who would I stay with, do I have a partner et cetera et cetera.

The truth be told I such seems to be the way of my life right now I’m aiming to survive three months.this might seem a little defeating but bear with me whilst I try to explain.

The interviewer was obviously Islamic or Indian. Not a problem but he did seem rather keen to embrace the fact of all of the lads going out for a few beers on a Friday night.

It’s somewhat reassuring that white people can be racially profiled as well LOL

Anyway my point is it seemed like a bit of a cell at the end of the job.I think I might actually enjoy going for drinks and socialising on a Friday God knows it’s been years since I’ve done anything like that.

For once I’m going to be, or at least try to be, less cynical. Yes I know it’s a shock to the system and everytime I try not to be such a cynic I always usually end up being right but perhaps it was his way of saying there is a good team there and it’s all about teamwork and getting along together placed in a rather clumsy metaphor of going to the pub.

Then again with co-workers being called Ravinder and Muhammad I somewhat don’t they would be the going for a drink after work types.

There was no technical aspects to the interviewees are which is good as I am way on underprepared for any such questions like that.

This post is a little bit jumpy because I’m recollecting things in different sequences so bear with me. Another thing I just remembered is that he was quite keen on the second line support guys not just being a name that a person.he mentioned that before I went into my Steve Jobs-esque style presentation about what customer support should be. Only I was way less condescending and Steve LOL.

All in all the whole process lasted less than half an hour and whilst he tried to be a little bit coin about what happened next apparently my CV is going to the client and feedback would be passed to the agency guy that I’ve been dealing with.

Oddly enough agency guy hasn’t called me back today but I’m going to keep my opinion mutual right now. Corporations have Cogges that don’t rotate the fastest.

God, did I really use a metaphor like that speaking about a company? I need a shower

Now I think about it a little bit more the only issue that has been mentioned is just how much this job is going to pay. Dublin is cracking on to be just as if not more expensive than London for accommodation. A pint of Guinness is a rain debate 5 pounds or it leased it was the last time I was there.

From what little I know the place is still an economic mess with the government charging for everything and anything. Seriously if you think we have a bad here in the UK island is way worse for taxes and charges.

Even though they haven’t said or made an offer yet thankfully I find hidden away on the internets the rates they been advertising.and I won’t lie to you it’s a fairly good rate.

Well at least it didn’t until I worked out converting from the Euro into pounds. At that moment it became just about okay.

In the doubling areas, Dublin one, two, three and four you’re basically presented with one of two options.

Option one is a pokey little bedsit normally called a studio flat. Some of these I’ve actually seen when we have the bed come out of the wardrobe and despite the best efforts of creative photography to take a picture of the room at the best possible angle, it’s tiny.

For something like that you’re looking about 1200 Euro per month

For natural flat, option two, prices seem to start arraigned the 1900 Euromark. When you start hitting this price point things do you look up a little but then obviously there all the bills et cetera.

Some bed and breakfast establishments will let you do a month-long rental but this obviously Spykes quite severely with St Patrick’s Day not that far off.

Basically what all of this really means to me and I’m actually grateful I did the research is that it’s the age old problem of being paid enough so I’m not working to survive. I need to make sure that I’m coming out of this with more than just experience

Perhaps this is me being selfish or living in on unrealistic bubble and perhaps I should just be thankful to have a job but I think anyone who reads my ramblings knows that doesn’t often work.

Under no illusion that working for a marketing company that is part of an absolutely massive worldwide corporate is going to bring his own set of challenges. One very good point is that, at least in my experience, working with the Irish tends to be a little more relaxed than English corporations. Something I touched upon in a more subtle way during the interview.

Back to the story, interview guy said they would be liaising with their client to work out a mutually beneficial time for me to going have a face to face.

So hopefully at the very least I might get to have a day trip to Dublin for interview and come what may I can enjoy myself with a few drinks on the way home via the ferry.

Keep those fingers crossed people:)

Me unconventional interview.

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