Sunday morning musings

7:30 AM and it’s another lovely Sunday morning. we’ve hit that party February that reminds the spring isn’t too far away that it can still kick you in the testicles with a night of being freezing cold. Just like I have the other night when I realised that my temperature was 5°.
Despite having an electric blankets, duvet and two additional blankets on top I was bloody freezing I needless to say because I’ve been that cold I’ve completely failed to get up any earlier than 10 AM all week.

On the plus side the electricity guy is coming tomorrow and I make the switch to economy 10 which at least means that, funds permitting, I can put on the radiator.

LOL it’s occurred to me that it my age I’m living somewhat a privileged life of a pensioner.

Inside I’m spitting mad with fury as I’ve had the chance for the last few months to get some logs that have been left on the side of the road and they’ve gone. I know it’s something stupid to be mad over but this seems to be the mantra of my life right now over opportunities there for the taking and me not taking them. Well perhaps I haven’t been that many opportunities recently but it certainly made me think about the ones I’ve had in the past.

I am always said simple things amuse simple minds whilst bigger falls Lakana and I’m amused and practically giddy with excitement when I see the temperature in my house go above 10°.

The computer repair guy thing is still ongoing, he’s back in the UK and funnily enough didn’t bother contacting me until I sent a letter saying pay me within seven days or we are going to Small Claims Court.his weasel tactics are started and it has been quite a lot of stress if I’m honest and I don’t mind admitting that I’ve had the thought of is it all really worth it?.

Maybe yes, maybe no but my point is that I have to start something and finish’s only if to make myself feel better that I’ve started a process and seen it through to the end can’t win or lose.

Strangely enough I didn’t hear back on Friday about the real surprise there but at least I find accommodation that within a sensible budget. That reminds me I must share one completely hilarious listing that actually fascinates me as a weekend retreat. All I have to say is me, hippies, wheatgrass and a Nissan Leaf.

I have spotted another job that I need to apply for which reminds me to ask.

Do you answer the question or what is the best way to answer the question when you get asked do you have anything else in the pipeline.

I completely overthink this one thinking that if I say I have other things in the pipeline it makes me seem more desirable but if I say that this job is my primary focus do I seem desperate? Any ideas anyone?

With regards to the Dublin job I would at least like to have the opportunity to meet the clients I would be working for. At least from this whole process which is taking about 3 to 4 days so far I would get a bit of a break in Dublin or a trip on a ferry and just get lashed up.

So what for this next coming week?

Getting out of bed earlier. Even if its only before 10 AM this would still be a bit of a win for me. I realise that this sounds like a very small aim to go for and makes me sound like the typical unemployed scum laying in bed.

In my defence the last few weeks have been drooling and stressful and when you couple that with trying to manage a state of depression in an environment that is cold wet and damp it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Yes I’m completely aware of the power of positive mind talk but try that after a night of not sleeping that well its not that easy.

Getting into bed earlier. I realise that I spend a huge amount of time on my computer at home doing pretty much nothing on it. I end up cycling around the same sets of websites not really learning anything or being entertained. Getting into bed for 11 PM sounds like it might be a plan

I might have a go at trying to bulk list items on eBay. Pretty much all of the hard work is done creating the listing some cells is just trying to work out the convoluted process of getting them online.

Then there is the big one sending off the letter to the Small Claims Court. I’m going to post more about this tomorrow.

One way or another I think we’re going to find out if this guy is fucking stupid or fucking clever.

Sunday morning musings

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