An interview update.

Quite simply there is none. I honestly thought I was unlocking to get an update or to see the company in Dublin. I matched new media, new age marketing bullshit with bullshit on my own and when the interviewer started stumbling about “other people to interview with regards to the role”feeling I rose a slight eyebrow of optimism.

The usual consisting of a follow-up call on Monday, an email on Tuesday and it was only today that I got through to the agency guy he seemed somewhat startled unbewildered not really remembering who I was.

He of course to try to fob me off onto the guy who interviewed me saying he was awaiting a decision based on the overwhelmingly positive feedback he had received on me”

Right now most of my work issues a game to one of two things. One of the effort required to rewrite my CV everytime, tailoring it too much every job. I wouldn’t actually mind S if I had any feedback other than your standard “there were other candidates more suitable than you”.

Given the work situation is still pretty shit in the UK would be nice if companies could provide some useful feedback.

Right now I’m not sure if my CV is failing due to the contents, the luck, the self praising bullshit that apparently is a must have opening statement at the top of any CV or something else.

The second factor is distance. In the past I’ve put down the location as Cardiff or Bristol as an example. this is not too bad but when it comes time and if I eventually get an interview I’m looking up the road at least four hours each wayof driving.

It might sound like a lame excuse and sound like I’m making excuses but as I write this I’m having my own internal debate. I like rationalising or making excuses for not going to far flung places or just simply explaining my own situation.

Some interviews it really feels like I’m just there to make up the numbers.

These are the interviews where at the end of it they say location was a factor.despite handing over my location details on being shortlisted, telling them in the interview again this one seems to come up a few times.

On more than one occasion I’ve been told that they wanted to see me because my CV looked interesting. One interview actually told me they just wanted to meet the person with this sort of CV to see what he looks like.

That was a four and a half hour journey each way for that feedback.

One interview lasted the shade over three hours. The feedback from that was that Dinged my old employer a little bit too much.

It’s a shame I never got to give feedback about the feedback because all I was simply trying to say was that teamwork is key. Communication is paramount. Something that the company I was interviewing for believed my old company didn’t.

The interview favourites: I’m not sure home you would work or integrate with the rest of the team. Let me have a think on it.

I got offered that job a couple of days later only for a week later whilst on holiday to be told rather sharply and rudely he was withdrawing the offer.

What pissed me off about this one was that he knew my daily rate and was getting me for half. There was something very old about this one. Hindsight says he was checking out the potential competition.

In another interview I met the owner of a computer company around here specialising in installing broadband for Ro-Ro locations.

I say interview it was more him telling me about how great he was. There was a small amount of talk about getting me trained up to help and taking on the PC repair side of things but this fizzled into nothing.

I saw him the other day in fact and said I had been meaning to email you and he replied with a sense of arrogance “oh, what for?”.

By far the best interview with that my local college. first of all we would put through a literacy test then a mathematical test and then given a set of instructions which the instructor said we have to follow to the exact letter.

This turned out to bite them in the house because I didn’t get through to the final round of interviews because apparently my answers were wrong.
Knowing full well this was impossible I asked him to give me some examples. The look on his face when he realised that somebody somewhere had made a mistake was unforgettable and even more so the fact he tried to blame me for not putting my name on the answer sheet despite the fact instruction said create a directory using your name.

When it’s 3 o’clock in the afternoon and you get asked to come back at 5 PM for an interview then you know that is pretty much a big waste of time as it gets.

Yes, I now realise this post is turning into a bit of a moan.

Back to work enterprise schemes suggest that you follow up your application with a telephone call shortly afterwards. One slight flaw with this is that people don’t often tend to answer their phones in work to an external number they don’t know.

Other sage advice from the job centre and the back to work team has been too dumb down my CV. Their argument is that if they can’t understand it then how is a prospective employer going to understand it.

For some reason and I can’t quite fathom why this is they seem to get a bit arsey when I politely point I not applying for a job with them but rather with a company he will understand the terminology that I use.

“But what if the Hache our department hiring for the position doesn’t understand your CVE there”

“Well then patient really be trying to manage a job they don’t understand”

I’m not sure I subscribe to the methodology of explaining every single nuance of the job that I do. If I do that what left is there for them to probe me about in the interview?

If I had the motivation I would actually create a website called universal job seekers. It’s a slight play on words with universal job match and universal credit seem to come into fruition.

What I’m lead is this. Why to CV that you are happy with but can always take constructive criticism on.

Look at the job application and cherry pick the keywords from it I’m trying to rewrite them as best you can.

Send off your application three times a week and be prepared to hear nothing, well at least in my case anyway.

Coming back to my website idea for just a moment I wonder how long it would be before it cropped up on the governments radar?

I’m going to hazard a guess but I would imagine there aren’t that many people unemployed like myself he would bother to write a website covering all the lovely facets of being unemployed.

If anyone can don’t make me 8 pounds or a domain name your get my guarantee of me focusing on this website for at least a month and we keeping your cost by Google adverts.

An interview update.

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