I finally filed the claim. 14 days and counting.

It’s taken a lot longer than it should have done but in the end I decided to say fuck it and submit a claim to the Small Claims Court.

There’s a couple of reasons why I’ve been a little bit hesitant. First off I really don’t like the idea of this guy knowing my address.everything about him and his dealings just screams shady.

When he finally contacted me on 11 February he claimed he would lose about £300 worth of work unless he had his hard drive back. He said to meet him between three and 4 to hand over the items. I dropped off that morning to a coworker of a different building and thought nothing more of it until I got an email the next day saying that we were supposed to have A meeting. Thankfully this was never employed or agreed upon in any emails.

Event starts going on about wanting to know exactly when I was in the office for the month of December and claims a communication breakdown.

It’s funny that during this period of communication breakdown he could ask one of his friends to continually report into him and give updates on what I’m doing in the office but not speak to me directly.

Is also made the mistake of not acknowledging my emails all the points that I raised in my email.

Does have a few points which are valid that I have done work that he’s not asked me to do but surely that showing initiative? Or is this going to be another bluestone situation where do you as you are told and nothing else?

Is also tried the classic line of saying there is no point me putting in a claim as he’s lost more money than I would get implying that he’s going to put in a counterclaim against me.

I will post his reply tomorrow but seeing as I’ve just filled out the form I needed a bit of a release I’m all about the reply to my recorded delivery letter.

Just be told I’m a little bit scared of him having my address details. People like him no certain types of people but I’m going to be sensible. thankfully I’ve been given a wireless WebCam to review so that’s going to be stationed and set up 24 seven.

I don’t think it will come to this or at least I hope it doesn’t but right now I windup so tightly that doing something has to be better than doing nothing.

So if I’m feeling so scared and apprehensive about this you might be wondering why I’m doing it at all.

The last two years have not been good and I tried my best to hide my bitterness and anger toward a lot of the situations I’ve been in

I make “friends” at work and then go on to be a pivotal role in my sacking.

Friends outside of work have proven my suspicions were right about them time after time.

My last girlfriend is cheating on me a couple of times.

The chances are you’ve been given in my life that I squandered.

All of these things and events have been spinning around my head for the last couple of weeks and I’m trying to persuade myself that by being active in a situation rather than waiting for the situation to happen to me has to be a good thing?

It was today was painting my hallway that an incredible wave of anger and bitterness towards other people and myself started building up and building up to a level that I’ve really not experienced before.

It was half way through finishing the ceiling that I thought to myself “that’ll do” I’m running Thorndal me. I need to start seeing things through to the end.

I’m a great believer in that people shouldn’t say anything they don’t mean a lot includes myself so when I sent the recorded letter to all three of his name addresses I feel I have to stand by its new matter what he comes back at me with.

Is it going to be worth it?

Like how much of a shit sandwich should you eat before you make a stand I honestly don’t know.

At the very least I’d like to be able to say I tried.

None of us know if the computer guy is incredibly stupid or incredibly clever I think I’ve been wrong in saying that.

I honestly don’t know if he is clever enough to realise that he might fail and that is an incredibly good trait to have.

It’s only one I’ve started to think that I failed I failed.

On the very least there’s going to be two weeks of interesting blog reading for everyone 😉

I finally filed the claim. 14 days and counting.

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