Taking pleasure in somebody else’s failure

I know that’s wrong and I know the ramifications of any small business closing dying but I couldn’t help but laugh out wild when I find out my old company that I started and was subsequently kicked out from has just gone into involuntary administration.

It looks like this happened on Wednesday where the present owner has posted that may have gone into administration.

As far as I’m aware there were four employees two of which were partners of the staff working there and a new guy I know nothing about.

Between the staff there are three children as well that will be affected and I should feel sorry or bad for them but quite honestly I don’t.

I’ve always said that people have to be wary of who they employ and surrounding yourself with people who constantly agree with you and don’t want to offer an opinion because they value their job too much, in the circumstances can lead to the inevitable.

When I was there the main criticism levelled at me was that I was always off doing different things and trying new things instead of concentrating on the bottom line and running a business the old way.

Even father was the driving force with him taking the company away from me and how it was to be run. The amount of negativity on morning one occasion I had to deal with and troubleshoot was overwhelming. It’s very might like having an angel in one ear and the devil on the other.

In my last encounter before I got told to fuck off and never come back I needs a bold suggestion of specialising in one area of technology. This happened about a month after my departure from the company and they specialise in just water cooling.

Behind-the-scenes things were incredibly dishevelled. You had the main company owner running the company using a spreadsheet but that didn’t take into account stop depreciatory And reducing all mine is purely to get them out of the door.

I think part of their downfall was chasing a profit margin model that simply doesn’t exist in this day and age. Back then we would quite happily and 45% or more margin onto the product. These days you’re lucky if you can get away with 10.

I think it was about a year and a half ago they moved into an actual office premises and stop running it from his dads house and a Portakabin. Oh my god the battle over the portacabin I remember incredibly well. It took me three months to get them to come around to the idea of needing somewhere warm and nice to working with extra storage space.

A couple of months to justify a £400 purchase. That was the sort of battles I was continually up against.

It was an amazing learning experience for me in many ways. I knew early in my life that office politics wasn’t for me and now I realise it exists in all levels of any business.

For the best part of four years I again work for a minimum wage but I have the lifestyle and advantages to go with that what that wage. Hence my resistance to eating shit sandwiches some six years down the line.

There were indeed many good times the sense of camaraderie when things went right, when we first sent out 100 orders in a day and that first month we turned over £100,000. By the way I always knew that our break even point just for staffing costs was £80,000.

What a meaningless was the sense of friendship inside and outside of work. It used to be that we would all meet up and go out for a few drinks at the weekend or just socialise.

Much as I hate to say this my big X was a major part in making a lot of that happen in the later years.

During my time in the last two years I was becoming more and more frustrated with not only having to deal with Steve but his dad as well. I’m sure know that his dad was trying to drive things from the back seat and run a business like you had done some 40 years previous.

I never had much of financial investment in the company but I felt all of the pressure of how much money was invested. Money invested of course by Steve’s dad.i’m sure there were visions of grandeur that Steve’s dad saw him doing the typical owning his own business, raising a family, getting married and all that sort of stuff.

It just goes to show what happens in a company when the ideas stop flowing and no that’s not some sort of egotistical statement from myself but it failed because of me and I will guarantee there is a lot more going on with this company behind-the-scenes than most people will realise.

Stock will be sold off to their competitors that if they don’t do what I would do and set up a nice small company on the side under the radar.

You could sell the stock to a friend for a huge knockdown price and then enter into an agreement for profit share. At least that’s what I would do.

You can guarantee that the decision wasn’t made overnight and would be a few months coming and it would’ve been strategically plotted.

As for my personal feelings I’m actually quite happy that it’s closed as it represents a very big parts and the chapter of my life closing down.

It almost feels like there is a massive weight off my shoulders and I don’t know why that is. Perhaps it’s because I know that they can’t lord it over me any more or I don’t have to hide away when I see old employees/friends in the street.

The only reason I say I want to feel bad is because that’s what I feel I’m supposed to do. Feel a little bit bad for those you are rates of work and then I think why?

Looking back I gave three out of the five employees there a job. It was my decision, I negotiated the rates and help them even when I find out one employee slept with my girlfriend and another stole from the company.

I don’t with the conflicts which arose from one employees wife thinking she has ideas above her station trying to dictate this and dictate that to us.

But most of all I thought a couple of these people were my friends and when I left I never heard from them or spoke to them ever again. I needed that because of Steve. So no I don’t feel sorry for any of them I have no sympathy for their situation at all because I’m giving them back exactly what they gave me. Nothing.

Still don’t understand this whole treat others paying you would like to be treated. I’m treated them all with respect and friendship and never got anything back in fact if anything they use that as a weakness against me.

It might sound as if I’m coming across a little bit better but I don’t think I am. I’m trying to be as reasons as possible and like I said believe me there is more going on behind the scenes than people will realise all night

Taking pleasure in somebody else’s failure

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