Sunday morning musings

It’s been a fairly uneventful week. The main achievement being posting a review. One single solitary review. And that’s all I have to show for the life of being unemployed.

I’m out walking the dogs whilst doing this blog entry and I’ve just gone past the house of the pizza guy. Said pizza guy has still not paid me despite promising to last week. Sound familiar?

The fact he hasn’t paid me has been driven home all the more by having a lovely flat tire on my car but I can’t afford to replace. Fortunately the spare is okay for now but it’s one of those temporary space saver ones that I think you shouldn’t be using for anything more than 30 miles.

So right now I’m plotting how to get a load of fake Facebook accounts on the cheap to start leaving bad reviews for his restaurant. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.

I can soon see this escalating out of control if only because I’m starting to feel angry at once again someone trying to get out of paying me for shit I’ve actually done.

I’ve even had thought of tipping off the police that most of his drivers don’t have the correct insurance for delivering food and carrying cash. Yes there is a special type of insurance for Pizza delivery types.

It’s also been one of those weeks where one motivation has just hit on all time low. I have paperwork to sort out, a laptop to fix that would get me some money I want to find a file for on a backup of a laptop but I did a while ago.

All of them relatively small jobs if just a little bit tedious and time-consuming.

Right now I need to try and find a hail Mary solution of converting on ISO into a virtual machine that I can boot from. The hottest so was originally done in clone Zila and I’m trying to avoid having to use a spare hard disk, restore the back up and then tell VMware fusion to create a new machine.

I know that avoiding doing jobs is it the best thing I miss is why I’ve ended up with 33 voicemails.

Oh and I’ve also got a MacBook air that I can’t afford to send away to get fixed so I have to hand that backin and admit defeat.

It’s just that when ever I come to suit up my main computer is like this wave comes over me sapping any and all creative energies, willpower and such.

I caught myself doing this the other day literally cycling between four of the main websites that I read on a daily basis to see if anything had changed.

Right now I’m sat on my desk I have stuff sent to me from Microsoft to review, do you that’s worth about £700 in total that if I reviewed would perhaps give me a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

What have I done with all this opportunity, nothing. I just can’t work out why I can’t engage the creative side of me more often than not.

The other day I sat down and finished the review in about three hours and that included is doing all the pictures, several proofreads want to see something up on the websites of my own creation was great but then all of the effort seemed to drain me and I ended up in that vicious circle of “I will do another one tomorrow”, tomorrow comes. Around and guess what.

So this week I’m going to try something different. Yes, that famous phrase.

i’ve been monitoring my food intake and it turns out that if I want to lose weight, which I do, I need to be eating about. 1800 cal.i’m coming in way under that almost days, especially the days that I’m forcing myself to go for a 3 mile jog.

I hate Tesco for many a personal reason but I’m going to sit down and actually plan some recipes that hopefully will get me up in the morning, give me some energy and see if that has a direct impact on my Output.

Success will be measured by can I actually keep my website vaguely updated for a week and actually push myself to apply for a few jobs.

It’s quite clear that I am suffering from some sort of borderline depression that I’m just, only just keeping on top of.

I need a win in my life, and major win something that I know isn’t going to happen without me putting any effort in so I want to see if the saying is true. You get out what you put in.

Sunday morning musings

Why is it we should all appreciate the finer nuances of Jeremy Clarkson

Time for me to chipping on this debate. Quite simply leave Jeremy alone. yes if you were to take any of his current seriously then of course somebody, somewhere is going to get offended or somebody somewhere is going to get offended on behalf of somebody somewhere.

There is one iconic scene in top gear whether Jeremy is reviewing the P 45 and takes it into a meeting, I’m eating consisting of different people from different ethnic backgrounds colours et cetera et cetera and that pretty much sums up what is going on with all the moral outrage against Clarkson.

The other day he was involved in what was the BBC described as a “fractious with a producer” on then the newspapers did their bit by watching the credits from the previous episode And trying to figure out who it was.

Apparently a punch was thrown add to one of the producers so this narrows it down to one person As three of them are female.

Top gear has now been suspended indefinitely and Clarkson has been suspended as well

But why are we treating this with the same property as the American news anchor who claim to be in a helicopter that was shot down and lied for six years about it?

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong to make some of the remarks but I do think people need to loosen up a little bit I’m not adopt such a moral high ground.

We live in a country where we pride ourselves on ethnic don’t versatility, understanding and accepting all people from different backgrounds.

Boris Johnson just wrote an interesting piece about how a person born and raised in England was not allowed to install a satellite on the side of his house but if he was foreign and he would be socially deprived by not being able to watch programs in the Bangladeshi he would be allowed to have a satellite.

My point is this why aren’t we allowed to say what we say about anyone in our own country.

Take the incident with the Argentinians four example. I’ve been to Germany a couple of times and thought I had come pretty close to the wire with a few Germans stereotype jokes but these were all taken in good stead. Who knows if they really meant to put on those nine famous number plates which if you look onto visible throughout the entire program other than the opening scene.

Instead people have concentrated their effort into the and range instead of putting the past where it belongs

To me Jeremy Clarkson is the last of the AG presenters on television. These days you have comedians wearing suits making light of every day situations which is fine. Then you have someone like Frankie Boyle taking a poke at one of the British swimming team saying something like she looks almost disabled with that knows and yet he goes on to slag Jeremy Clarkson down as being an old-fashioned bigots.

Frankie Boyle is no angel himself, take a look at some of his comedy routines to see just how far he cuts to the edge.

It’s time for the people who judge Clarkson to stand back and look at why they take everything he says so seriously.

Everybody has that person at a party who will say something just to get a reaction I’m not is pretty much you I would say Clarkson’s TV persona consists of.

These are probably the same people who wonder why Top Gear doesn’t do more reviews of family based estate cars. The clue is pretty much in the title of the program by the way.

A major part of top gear is a pill is the sense of laddishness. It’s almost like the last Bastian of men being able to do what men do and that’s to be blokes that sometime.

Look up things like made in Chelsea, the only way is Essex all of which are scripted reality shows. Didn’t Top Gear start this song 10 years ago with their road trips?

I wonder if any of the people who complain about his TV appearances have stopped and read one of his books or a bewspaper article?

One of the best reviews on top gear what is with the BMW hybrid for me which was one of the high points of any car review he’s done.

If it turns out he is guilty of what he’s done that the punishment should fit the crime and yes he should be held accountable but let’s not let suppose it more a rage take the high ground on this one and look at it with a level head.

It’s because your company may suck someone at the drop of a hat for the smallest of fracas doesn’t necessarily mean it was the best way to handle it

Why is it we should all appreciate the finer nuances of Jeremy Clarkson

The Morrison’s great North run

I have a big recollection of entering the ballot for the Morrison’s great North run. I thought nothing of it until I saw a debit on my credit card for 60 pines and thoughts that is probably just a refundable deposit of which I remember reading something about this on the website.

Rest was way back in the mists of time in the year 2014. Spring forward to today and I have this in my inbox


Congratulations on your successful ballot entry.

Of course me being me for example typically disorganised on the best of days I can’t find any registration information at all.

Going to the ballot registration website of course there is no way to easily retrieve your entry. I don’t even have a contact us entry either so this makes it all the more interesting.

Is certainly puts things into comparison after my very poorly attempted run yesterday where I just about managed 3 miles in over 34 minutes. Previously I can do this in about 29 minutes.

The furthest distance in my life that I’ve ever run is 10 km and that was during an obstacle race and I managed to nail that one in one hour 40 minutes.

Running does tend to get a little bit expensive. Gone are the days of Sleepinal some dumps on the haring around for a few hours. These days I need all the joint cushioning and fallen arch protection I can get.

If it turns out that this hasn’t been some sort of clerical error song home I need to get my weight down to 11 1/2 stone. I’ve been using my fitness pal to measure my calorie intake for which has given me some really interesting information especially since it’s limiting me to only 1800 cal plus whatever exercise I do per day.

It’s also one of the reasons I would like a heart rate monitor to see just exactly how much I burn off during a spate of exercise.

Anyway at least I don’t have to worry about blowing my calorie intake and on top gear night

The Morrison’s great North run

There is a strange yellow object in the sky and it’s burning me.

It’s that time of year again where is spring starts to remind us what is being worn outside is actually like. it seems to happen every year where we get a week or so of really nice weather before we fall bond into the traditional British greyness.

Lets me wrong before I make this a blog post about the weather would you know when that happens nothing really exciting has happened for the last couple of weeks.

Although saying that I have had a couple of bites on the plenty of fish website.

The first one was quite upfront about the fact that she likes sex. Her words not mine and it didn’t take long to reveal what was wrong with her.she is actually disabled and has cerebral palsy so I don’t mean what’s wrong with her in a nasty way in this instance.

I’m pretty sure Waynetta slob has been busy stalking me as well judging by some of the halloos I’ve gotten recently. I’m replying to everybody because beauty is only skin deep and you never know an attraction might build. Unfortunately this really seems to happen but it killed a few minutes of the days anyway.

You know when things are getting bad when you develop a thing for the woman who works in your local Santander branch. Unfortunately she’s one of those women who I have a thing for which means there is a underlying bordering psychopath alarm bell going off in my head.

I can’t tell if he’s on a permanent near the state or water as whenever I see her she is doing that really confusing things that women do rubbing her chest from the base of her neck just to about the top of the boob.

This is one of the most confusing bits of body language possible to a male. Do you either have a rash or are you actually attracted to me. Why do things have to be shades of terracotta.

Exercise wise I managed to cycle about once a week at the moment which is shocking considering I was running 3 miles three times a week last year.

It’s not helping that I’m pretty sure my bike isn’t set up properly and I keep injuring my knee.

I didn’t know this but when you buy a bike from the shop they set the bike up so you can use it but not for going riding. This applies to Amy bike at any price as a friend pointed out to me they spent £1200 on a bike and still had to spend an extra hundred and £50 for it to be properly set up for themselves so as a trainee put it “you won’t enjoy yourself of the 20 miles”

I could follow a YouTube guide or try and find somewhere that does it cheaper. Using YouTube though perhaps wouldn’t give me the mental reassurance I need from someone who knows what they’re doing that I’m not going to injure myself again.

Just like with my running cycling longer distances I seem to have a mental block about. I know that on a normal day I could be in the seat for an hour and a half quite happily. My record is three so far and gentle pace. But what ever is going on in my head has give me a complete G and apathy for doing anything healthy especially all the more annoying as almost to work at the moment I get a job I will be regretting not doing more exercise. You know how it goes.

On the work situation I never did hear back from the agency about the Dublin job.

A company in Milford called locks online also be hiring and if anyone has a good memory they offered me a job and then took it away from me whilst I was on holiday

I’m going to apply for it this afternoon just for shits and giggles and but then it struck me am I putting all of my energies into fruitless endeavour as I’m not leaving anything for myself?

That reminds me how on Saturday there was a knock at my doorstep for people come to seeing for my local MP Stephen Crabb.

I think I started off quite well. I had lit my fire with some particularly Wetwood that morning so there is convincing win nicely smoke typed by my chimney. When I asked what do I think of Stephen Crabb it was simple. We don’t hear anything from him for nine months of the year and finally it’s time for an election and suddenly he is visiting Pembrokeshire.

I’m well aware that he has a family living in the cream tea and of course he has to try and do things in London for the Welsh assembly but no matter what it just seems so disingenuous that a man who got elected based on his promises of looking after the local community is not responsible for the most economically deprived and depressed area in Wales and really isn’t doing anything about it.
P update his website I was told.

That’s very good for the voting demographic of the +55 range I told her. He is appealing to those sort of people who have no interest in technology or following him in that manner.

He regularly visit Pembrokeshire to be with his family I was told

Then I bought out my big question. Right now in my local area they are trying to close some of the local long established schools. This is a part of closures for things like doctors surgeries, the hospital and everywhere else.

So I asked the question time comes all of this is happening after planning permission was given a little over a year ago for a new super school to be built.

“Oh, that’s very interesting”

I should point out here that I was dressed in my best council house closing, adorning tracksuit bottoms on the tracksuit top along with a woolly hat in order to stay warm so I don’t she was expecting only some glints of intelligence from myself.

I was then asked my opinion on Stephen Crabb and David Cameron. I said the problem is they all clones of each other’s. They all wear the same style tie, they all turn up to building sites and put a hardhat on to look like a member of the public but never have safety shoes on, basically they all look like used car salesman.

They all sure about statistics what exciting unemployment is at its lowest but forget to mention the reason behind that is zero contract hours on the new level of strictness of being struck off the unemployment register for the smallest of infractions.

The coalition is formed and immediately go back on everything they both said they were going to do. pretty much we have a governmental system in freefall meeting new ways to think I’ll be creative but being held back by the traditional British way of “this is highly we’ve always done things”

Take for example the scheme of turning lights off at night which is a great idea and a great money saver but why did it have to reach a level where councils hunt to save money by doing this in the first place, surely this should have been done five or six years ago?

New solar LED lighting is going up on roundabouts which again is a brilliant idea but why has it taken so long for things like this to happen and it all comes down to the fact that finally we are trying to be more efficient but hamstring ourselves with the amount of bureaucracy

Again the woman at the door wasn’t expecting this. Well at least you won’t be voting for Nigel for Raj.

I said to her straight there is one very redeeming quality about Him, right or wrong with whatever he thinks at least the guy has an opinion and isn’t afraid to voice it.

She thanked me for my time and then walked off to meet her colleagues. Looking very much like Tarquin and Felicity with the standard posh Cambridge style jumper and atie done all the way up just to the point of as-fixation.

Am I going to vote? I’m not entirely sure if I’m honest. There is so much fuss about the debates let alone hearing any of the party policies that what are we really voting for. We know that each year taxes will increase on petrol, cigarettes and food. Those with mortgages will be dropping their pants to see if the base rate of inflation is going up and perhapsthis might be my own microscopic view of the world but what are any of the parties going to do for me or at least my local community.

The same thing they’ve done for the previous four years. Absolutely nothing

There is a strange yellow object in the sky and it’s burning me.

I honestly can’t believe that March it is upon us already. Of course this means that spring is actually on its way and lose types of people who will wear shorts and flip-flops at the drop of a hat have already been out and about.

Quite obviously I don’t understand that mindset. The temperature is still barely heating double digits so is this a sign of the related like our Peacock , Just like her a peacock would show its plumage or can’t they afford to buy some jeans and a sensible pair of trainers?

All that being said in my neck of the woods at least Sunday has been a glorious day. Plenty of sunshine and is looking around it’s really nice to see the flowers in the first throes of blooming.

To be able to go for a walk at almost 6 PM in the evening seems the staff of folklore of what used to happen in the golden days

It’s just a shame that we all get a current away with the one good day of weather knowing full well that tomorrow it’s still going to be bloody cold and pissing down with rain.

Then again as I write this just now out walking the dogs are frost is forming on the floor but I don’t feel the need to wear a coat because some five hours ago there was sunshine.

As you can probably guess by this blog post I’m really struggling for things to write on that is been pretty much the whole last few weeks.

I was having a conversation about a friend discussing just how lucky we were to have the computers, Internet and everything else well someone in China will get up and work 14 hours straight for the mere basics of existence.

Yet here I am. I was lazy and uninspired as ever. In three working days I could create a website reselling computer gear just like I did back in the old days but for some reason that motivation to do that just isn’t with me.

I should be training to run another 10 km repent, training to ride the Torah Pembrokeshire but for some reason the part of my brain designed to motivate and get me moving is completely switched off leaving me in a plague of lethargy.

Are you always said it’s better to try and fail to never to try a tour but these days I just like anything to even try. Not good given the amount of debt that is piling up on top of me.

This week, for example, I experienced what it was like to be on OAP. I had to make the choice between keeping warm or eating.

This is a two sided problem. You need food to keep warm and to process things but when you’re cold you eat more.

I’m trying desperately here to sound like I’m not wallowing in a pit of self pity but more describing the actual realities of my situation.

The last few days I’ve been getting up at 8 AM and working through doing stuff around the home and fixing the old computer here all there to pay for diesel and the basics.