I honestly can’t believe that March it is upon us already. Of course this means that spring is actually on its way and lose types of people who will wear shorts and flip-flops at the drop of a hat have already been out and about.

Quite obviously I don’t understand that mindset. The temperature is still barely heating double digits so is this a sign of the related like our Peacock , Just like her a peacock would show its plumage or can’t they afford to buy some jeans and a sensible pair of trainers?

All that being said in my neck of the woods at least Sunday has been a glorious day. Plenty of sunshine and is looking around it’s really nice to see the flowers in the first throes of blooming.

To be able to go for a walk at almost 6 PM in the evening seems the staff of folklore of what used to happen in the golden days

It’s just a shame that we all get a current away with the one good day of weather knowing full well that tomorrow it’s still going to be bloody cold and pissing down with rain.

Then again as I write this just now out walking the dogs are frost is forming on the floor but I don’t feel the need to wear a coat because some five hours ago there was sunshine.

As you can probably guess by this blog post I’m really struggling for things to write on that is been pretty much the whole last few weeks.

I was having a conversation about a friend discussing just how lucky we were to have the computers, Internet and everything else well someone in China will get up and work 14 hours straight for the mere basics of existence.

Yet here I am. I was lazy and uninspired as ever. In three working days I could create a website reselling computer gear just like I did back in the old days but for some reason that motivation to do that just isn’t with me.

I should be training to run another 10 km repent, training to ride the Torah Pembrokeshire but for some reason the part of my brain designed to motivate and get me moving is completely switched off leaving me in a plague of lethargy.

Are you always said it’s better to try and fail to never to try a tour but these days I just like anything to even try. Not good given the amount of debt that is piling up on top of me.

This week, for example, I experienced what it was like to be on OAP. I had to make the choice between keeping warm or eating.

This is a two sided problem. You need food to keep warm and to process things but when you’re cold you eat more.

I’m trying desperately here to sound like I’m not wallowing in a pit of self pity but more describing the actual realities of my situation.

The last few days I’ve been getting up at 8 AM and working through doing stuff around the home and fixing the old computer here all there to pay for diesel and the basics.


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