Why is it we should all appreciate the finer nuances of Jeremy Clarkson

Time for me to chipping on this debate. Quite simply leave Jeremy alone. yes if you were to take any of his current seriously then of course somebody, somewhere is going to get offended or somebody somewhere is going to get offended on behalf of somebody somewhere.

There is one iconic scene in top gear whether Jeremy is reviewing the P 45 and takes it into a meeting, I’m eating consisting of different people from different ethnic backgrounds colours et cetera et cetera and that pretty much sums up what is going on with all the moral outrage against Clarkson.

The other day he was involved in what was the BBC described as a “fractious with a producer” on then the newspapers did their bit by watching the credits from the previous episode And trying to figure out who it was.

Apparently a punch was thrown add to one of the producers so this narrows it down to one person As three of them are female.

Top gear has now been suspended indefinitely and Clarkson has been suspended as well

But why are we treating this with the same property as the American news anchor who claim to be in a helicopter that was shot down and lied for six years about it?

I’m not saying it’s right or wrong to make some of the remarks but I do think people need to loosen up a little bit I’m not adopt such a moral high ground.

We live in a country where we pride ourselves on ethnic don’t versatility, understanding and accepting all people from different backgrounds.

Boris Johnson just wrote an interesting piece about how a person born and raised in England was not allowed to install a satellite on the side of his house but if he was foreign and he would be socially deprived by not being able to watch programs in the Bangladeshi he would be allowed to have a satellite.

My point is this why aren’t we allowed to say what we say about anyone in our own country.

Take the incident with the Argentinians four example. I’ve been to Germany a couple of times and thought I had come pretty close to the wire with a few Germans stereotype jokes but these were all taken in good stead. Who knows if they really meant to put on those nine famous number plates which if you look onto visible throughout the entire program other than the opening scene.

Instead people have concentrated their effort into the and range instead of putting the past where it belongs

To me Jeremy Clarkson is the last of the AG presenters on television. These days you have comedians wearing suits making light of every day situations which is fine. Then you have someone like Frankie Boyle taking a poke at one of the British swimming team saying something like she looks almost disabled with that knows and yet he goes on to slag Jeremy Clarkson down as being an old-fashioned bigots.

Frankie Boyle is no angel himself, take a look at some of his comedy routines to see just how far he cuts to the edge.

It’s time for the people who judge Clarkson to stand back and look at why they take everything he says so seriously.

Everybody has that person at a party who will say something just to get a reaction I’m not is pretty much you I would say Clarkson’s TV persona consists of.

These are probably the same people who wonder why Top Gear doesn’t do more reviews of family based estate cars. The clue is pretty much in the title of the program by the way.

A major part of top gear is a pill is the sense of laddishness. It’s almost like the last Bastian of men being able to do what men do and that’s to be blokes that sometime.

Look up things like made in Chelsea, the only way is Essex all of which are scripted reality shows. Didn’t Top Gear start this song 10 years ago with their road trips?

I wonder if any of the people who complain about his TV appearances have stopped and read one of his books or a bewspaper article?

One of the best reviews on top gear what is with the BMW hybrid for me which was one of the high points of any car review he’s done.

If it turns out he is guilty of what he’s done that the punishment should fit the crime and yes he should be held accountable but let’s not let suppose it more a rage take the high ground on this one and look at it with a level head.

It’s because your company may suck someone at the drop of a hat for the smallest of fracas doesn’t necessarily mean it was the best way to handle it

Why is it we should all appreciate the finer nuances of Jeremy Clarkson

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