The podcast

A few days ago I sent off an email to a pod cast just saying generally how much I enjoyed listening to them with a cheeky nod towards asking them if they ever needed anyone to come on as a guest then I would be available. Guess what?

This coming Wednesday yours truly is going to be part of an apple based pod cast. If you know any of the other sites I write for it won’t be too hard to track down what one.

It’s been 2 1/2 years since I last attempted a short aren’t doing anything podcast wise and of course a lot has changed since then not just technology wise but with me on this is what worries me.

I’ve forgotten how to have a conversation.

I can talk to people about generalities of stuff, weather and if Jeremy Clarkson should be sacked but that’s about it.

I’m noticed as well that when I have an opinion and someone voices some facts that I don’t know my opinion changes quicker just like Brian did in that episode of family guy.

The more I think about this the more stupid I think I was for volunteering myself.

Most days for the majority of the day the only people I speak to are two dogs and my cat.

I’ve gotten so you bad conversational skills that I even have to practice the Smalltalk you make at supermarket checkouts. That reminds me apparently I was I’d up by a rather lovely young lady in my local Aldi. Typically I haven’t seen it since and no I’ve not been stalking I’ve genuinely needed to go in there a couple of times honestly.

Now I think contents she might of been looking me up and dying because I didn’t look particularly homeless that day. My trousers were covered in mud and my jumper looks like it had been involved in a small explosion at a food factory.

B this reminds me of the time I saw the bank assistant from Santander in the gym. She looked absolutely amazing and not just because she was wearing cycling shorts and getting a sweat on.

C there is an incredibly short time in which to try and make conversation with someone you see on a very infrequent basis in work and try to talk to her out of work. I think it’s time to about 12 seconds now where unless you come up with something clever, witty or at the very least entertaining to talk about it suddenly starts to get very creepy and very awkward.

. If you then factor in that you realise you might be slightly attracted to her then the pressure seems to get magnified by a factor of 100.

. Even stupid self help books don’t help with this. After all there’s only so many time you can ask a girl is she still going to the gym because even I realise that if she’s not going that makes for an embarrassing topic.

I’m trying to practising conversations by talking to myself and not only is that completely useless but I do have a tendency to ramble.

I know that I ramble given by some of my posts on this very website but when talking I managed to divert so you far away from my main talking point and she forgets the point that I was trying to make.

Even apples assistant based Siri is adding to this worry as it seems to be going through a spate where it pretty much does it recognise any sentence I say no matter how many times I’m careful to pronounce words or structure it to make it clearer.

The other guys on the podcast definitely sound confident and come across with really well constructive arguments and points to make. It really does feel like I’m a small fish just about to jump into a big pond but I suppose it’s an experience at the very least.

The podcast

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