Bloody horse riders.

Hello everyone. Don’t panic I’m not dead, I haven’t fallen down a ditch and been on able to get to my phone to call for help. Instead life has just taken over a little bit.

Well all of that is nonsense if you know me even just a little bit as I don’t really have a life. Instead for some reason Siri has taken a dramatic plummet into of being even vaguely accurate.

Whereas I used to be able to go for a walk I was on the airfield and just transcribe my thoughts into this now more than 10-year-old webpage, it’s not even possible.

I’m going to place the blame firmly at the feet of the Apple Watch as it seems to be that since the Apple Watch was coming out in the hands of celebrities that is exactly when Siri took a turn for the worst.

There is some even more anecdotal evidence to support this with the one friend I have you happens to have an Apple Watch.

In the middle of a busy London cafe he’s been able to dictate messages to me using Siri with freakishly accurate results.

So as it’s been a month since my last posting a little bit has happened. Obviously there was my birthday, and I’ve just completed a 52 mile cycle doing the tour of Pembrokeshire.

My official time it shows me as completing the course in four hours 45 minutes placing me 270 F out of 218 riders and the points where I finished.

Unofficial time says that I did it in three hours 45 minutes if you take out the rest stops. I can honestly say that the whole event was nothing but a complete high with no low points whatsoever. Apart from when I’m at the 35 mile stage do you realise you still got the best part of 18 miles to go onto the first 10 miles are pretty much all uphill.

Even when you’ve conquered the long slogging road from the field station and you think you’re on the homeward stretch it then becomes a war of attrition, man versus anasty head wind.

And then with the finish line inside the course deals you one more fatal blow making you to write, away from the finish line that you’ve been secretly wanting to cross some 5 miles back.

I should probably write a longer blog post about the weekends cycling event, which I might do later on if the day plans out well.

In other news you might be aware that I have “another” just seen a dramatic upturn in traffic and I’ve been appearing on a couple of podcasts.

I’m even doing my own semi daily show at the moment just because I have nothing else better to do with my life. If you want details those of you out there you know how to contact me.

Interestingly I’ve been given overwhelmingly positive feedback which comes as quite a surprise. Although my cynical nature is still nagging away at me quite a few people I have asked for feedback have said I have a good voice for radio.

Cynical nature of me believes this is some sort of conspiracy to get me to embarrass myself on a daily basis.

Right now I’m about three weeks into doing this little experiment which I thought I would get bored of within seven days but it turns out I haven’t.

However asking for help on how to make a podcast sound better is a lot like fight club. The first rule is you don’t ask anyone about podcasting on the second rule is you don’t tell anyone about podcasting.

Some of the people that I have approached to get some microphone advice, for example, have flat-out ignored me. Even though my mumblings aren’t in the slightest bit in competition with their own pod cast offerings.

Have you tried googling for it? Well that’s just incredibly bloody helpful isn’t it. really is only two ends of the spectrum. The nice simple easy to use but somewhat shallow sounding USB microphones that are around £30-£50 and then you jump up in scale and specification to £100 plus with all manner of technical jargon that you need to go to a university and do a course on sound engineering to be able to vaguely understand anything what the manufacturer is on about.

So I’m looking at this wrong. Perhaps these people get asked so much by people “wanting to start a podcast” and then they never follow through with it that they simply giving up answering.

Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that no one is volunteering any information as I really am skint and looking at microphones that I’m not going to be able to afford for the foreseeable future is perhaps for the best.

Real-time updates.

And now for something completely different. I’ve just heard a very small telling off from a horserider for walking two labradors up on the airfield. This is somewhere that I go on a daily basis up to 3 times a day.


And it’s not just me who walks this particular stretch of public land. There are many, many other dogs who are you stroll this on a daily basis.

So I see the woman on the horse coming towards me on the line to be good dog walking person that I am restrain my dogs so they don’t chase the horse. The horse riders have been appreciative of this fact and said thank you but not this one.

Not condescending tone that only a person who rides horses can talk down to someone out she says I think you’re on the wrong side. I go what do you mean?
This is the bridal path you should be over there.
Oh, okay

Let’s add a little bit more context to this. I had restrained my dogs and kept them under control but she was still going at a fair trot past me.

No thank you, no manners just a condescending tone as if to say what are you doing on this bit of land that I want to ride on.
On the particular part of land as you can see in the picture you’re probably find a horse riding this may be one or two times a month. The rest of the other time there is normally a good few people out walking their dogs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she is one of those types of women that would talk all nicely and polite to another member of the species but when it comes to a man I might as well be the devil incarnate.

Right now I’m standing on a path about 50 yards up from the bridal path just waiting to see if she comes back down the way she went.

After a good few minutes of waiting she did not come back down from when she came.

It’s also someone, but I might add, that I’ve never seen around these parts before. Know that might sound horrifically local and very “you’re not one of the locals” but you do tend to find that the people who aren’t from around the area have this ideology of bridleways are four horses only.

Thing is for sure I definitely would not be so wondered if she had slowed down or at least taking the time to have a small, if very brief, conversation with me.

Quite frankly is the cowards way out to be condescending whilst riding on top of a horse into the distance
Now I’m pissed off

Bloody horse riders.

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