The pod cast mental mind game.

It’s been just about three weeks since I started doing a my daily podcast with nothing more than my iPhone and an app.

Strange as it may sound I will lend a valuable lesson that I’m getting better at dealing with rejection.

A year ago I was streaming War Craft on a daily basis I used to become really depressed the fact that one person would stop following me. Granted I never had more than 10 followers but that one person decided that they didn’t want to follow my shenanigans would actually really depress me.

I check my podcast statistics on an almost unhealthy level but I don’t mind these days that’s the figures have gone from 23 at its peak right down to 15 as of today.

Granted it is a touch disappointing to think that I might have cracked the 20 subscriber threshold as I only ever thought I would be lucky if I got 10 people to subscribe, yet I put that down to feeling excitement coming down to normality.

Last week at one point I had 23 subscribers and whilst it might seem silly to get excited about a figure so small when a fair amount of effort effort has been put in I honestly don’t mind.

It’s been the same on same clothes as well. Why most popular episode has gotten 67 plays in what must’ve been a spurts of activity from a couple of Twitter mentions but after that spurt had dialled off i’m looking to get about 18 plays a day.

However as an experiment to see if I can commit to something on a semi regular basis it’s been so far a success. I’m pushing out an episode if not every day, every other day and I feel like I’m finding my voice.

The podcast content is very much like this website only very much more opinionated so which I enjoy. Right now having such a small listenership figure I can pretty much be as outlandish as I like without having to care who all what I offend. Within reason

The biggest problem I have is trying to find a decent intro, stinger and audio loop. You would think that Google would supply search results are plenty but no. Again it seems to be like the black arts.

The pod cast mental mind game.

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