Please stop labelling me as / with dole scum.

Of course I expected the Conservatives to win the general election but I never expected peoples attitudes to become so much more vocal with a majority leadership.

Mainly with regards to calling people who are unemployed like myself Dole scum.

Most of the supporters of the Conservatives definitely are on the trend scale. The majority are well paid, well spoken, middle to upper-class which is fair enough, that’s who he appealed to me and that’s how’s the Conservatives got in government.

However there seems to be on apprising of the middle and upper classes saying that everyone who is unemployed, like myself, is unemployed dole scum.

This is coming from the politically correct crown won’t use any derogatory to, complain about top gear yet it’s perfectly acceptable for them to label the unemployed as scum.

This is also coming from people on Facebook who in the last couple of years have barely mentioned anything about unemployment, jobseeking, benefits or taken any interest in the world of politics right up until now.

And funnily enough, wouldn’t you believe it that the moment Conservatives get into power all of a sudden they are beacons of righteousness.

I can’t explain why I feel like I’m being personally attacked but I do resent such broad sweeping statements that label me with the obvious offenders, people who don’t want to work and have no intention of working.

I will admit that for the first couple of months of being unemployed I didn’t try anywhere near as hard as perhaps I should’ve done to find employment again.

When you’ve been in a job and you get so badly treated like I was by people who are considered friends it does take a while to bounce back from that, at least for me it did.

This is why I’m incredibly mad with the people that label me as scum. I have put myself out there on the line and asked a few friends along with a few Facebook comments if anybody would help me with regards to my CV.

Do you know how many people offered to give me a moment of the time? None!

There are many things I am good at, well actually there is it meant that many things now I think contents but one thing I do struggle with is being articulate as you can probably see by reading my blog posts.

I wasn’t after anyone writing my resume for me but instead to help get you through the ideas, fresh things out and simply by talking to someone that’s where good ideas normally come from.

No I think about it it’s the very fact that nobody in my previous jobs dared talk to me or speak up because of the fear of a reprisal from management has landed me exactly where I am.

Once again these are the very people who say that the unemployed like myself I am a drain on society and re-sources but don’t want to pay any more in tax and go shopping at the cheapest supermarket is possible to keep as much of their money as possible.

Quite a few people who have been vocal at calling me scrum I’ve noticed have come from quite privileged backgrounds. Sort of family background that means I get a brand-new car the moment they passed a driving test, never under any pressure as a teenager to make their own way in life instead it’s all about focusing on studies.

Reading this and thinking that I’m being a little bit presumptuous?

Well now you know how I feel!

Please stop labelling me as / with dole scum.

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