The back to work post

This coming Tuesday yours Julie re-enters the world of the working person. Well at least for three days of the week making a combined total of 24 hours as it’s only a part-time job.

It’s not the best job in the world but one but I’m quite happy to be paid 7 pounds an hour to do as it’s just doing deliveries for a small local brewery not too far away from me. Well when I say not too far away for me it’s still a 50 mile round trip a day.

So you would think I would be ecstatic right now at the prospect of having it and that I’m fairly happy with, three days a week leaving me free to pursue my other ventures and all that sort of stuff but believe it or not I’m going to be worse off.

Because I’m going to be working more than 16 hours it means I get no help from benefits or the council tax side of things whatsoever.

I’m not entirely sure who decided that the moment you have more than 16 hours work you’re not entitled to any help whatsoever but believe you me it’s bad enough existing on £75 a week.

I thought I made a mistake with the benefit calculator system to find but it turns out that I didn’t. All of them have said exactly the same thing that if I go back to work and based on 7 pounds an hour and working 24 hours in a week I’m going to be £12 per week worse off.

This doesn’t even take into account things like travelling costs which if I’m doing 50 miles a day that’s going to equal 150 miles a week and by my best guess works out to be approximately £16 per week just on fuel.

Don’t forget women think I’m saying that the government should give me a massive hung out especially as I’m trying to go back to work but I do believe there should be some sort of scale or system so at least I’m not going to be worse off going back to work.

To make the situation even more confusing the job centre have suggested that I do a two week work trial where they are going to pay for my fuel it’s something to do with their statistics were if they can prove that someone who has been long-term unemployed each trying then they get a merit on their system.

Honestly I kid you not that’s what the woman at the job centre told me.

I’ve also been into my local county council to see if I could have an assessment done on me. I went in on Thursday, got told to expect a call on Friday and would you believe it. I’ve heard nothing.

I had to do the dreaded filling out a form so that they could fill out a form so they could do an assessment on. Effectively filling out a form to fill out another form.

Again don’t get me wrong this is Bob is mighty interesting, working for a small independent company, I would also be my own boss as I will be driving around in the van all day and water. Driving jobs to do it means I’m not stuck in an office

The back to work post

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