A dream come true

So here I am in Munich airport after much deliberation if I was going.

Turn the phone on and Nina is kindly giving me instructions how to get to Scott’s.

Then this happened.

In stood in my shitty travelling clothes and down she walks. With THAT smile. I felt myself grinning like a twat. I have a horrid smile. But there she is. She knew when I was landing. I didn’t tell her that and she traveled to meet me. God I love this girl.

Couldn’t be happier. In fact one of the happiest moments I can recall. I know it’s not real but for a weekend I’m going to believe it is.

Nina has changed. There’s a confidence about her. A way. She knows how to banter. Fuck she’s even better than last time.

I say this weekend you’re the centre of my world.

She says no. I should be centre of your universe.

Once again. She’s got me smitten. Before you know it. She is my khaleesi and truth be told she is.

I’m not a weak fool to think being a soppy twat is attractive but she is my khaleesi. Right till the point she needs to make a decision. Then I can do my thing.

We spent the night at Scott and Jodie’s. Didn’t go to bed till 4am. A tired Nina is not a happy Nina. But she’s with me and I with her and I don’t care.

We go to bed and joke about a few things (no sex) even joking that if we move in together we need 2 bedrooms. I’m to sleep alone I summer and keep her warm in winter.

I don’t sleep well being in my trousers. Last time. I did that she insisted I took them off. But it’s late and she said a few weeks ago no sex and I’m fine with that. After all she is khaleesi

A dream come true

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