An end of a long road.

On 24 July 2012 my father sadly passed away somewhat unexpectedly. About two weeks after that I had an argument with his now widow and since then I’ve never been back “home”.

Since a complete misunderstanding on her part with pretty much been at war over my dads will.

It’s 11:05 this morning I walked into the solicitors and 20 minutes later I walked out finally putting in and end to all of this contested will nonsense.

It’s really quite sad to see just how much money can degrade people into bitter, vile creatures.

My father was a larger-than-life character and made it quite clear to anybody who he chose to talk to what he wanted to happen when he passed away.

It’s been a tale of contrasting people. Maria, the widow, wanted way more than what she was entitled to in the eyes of the law. Me, the son, only wanted what was his by law.
Should be happy that I’ve reached the end of this road in my life and start to look forward to creating a new life and a new home.

Yet there is something incredibly sad about this coming to an end. No longer am I welcome and back to the last place I saw my father.

A fight that I did not start over money means that I really do have no family.

To be honest the settlement that I’ve received isn’t going to put me onto the property ladder. Granted it would be a sizeable deposit if only I hadn’t screwed up the last five years of my life by being out of work and other various issues.

I’ve also learned that in general solicitors are absolutely fucking useless. At least mine was anyway. For 12 hours of “work” this has cost me just over two grand.

There are still one or two ideas I have to ensure that I have the ultimate thing that my dad ever wanted for me. That is to have a roof over my head that I can call mine.

A plot of land with a really nice caravan maybe but I’m pretty sure dad would’ve wanted something more substantial in the form of bricks and mortar.

Actually plot of land might not be too bad given that any small amount to green acreage is being snapped up by building developers for all this new affordable housing nonsense.

However if there is one thing that I’ve learnt in my life it’s to never make a decision whilst emotional so I’m just going to let the days events sink in and do some homework before I make any decisions.

An end of a long road.

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