Rugby, dogs, training and khaleesi

Knowing that I had a pretty rough day today a friend of mine met me after one of my pet sitting visits and decided that we needed to go out to watch the rugby and have a drink of beer.

I have promised myself that because I’m running the Cardiff half marathon this Sunday I wasn’t going to touch a drop and it least try to do some running before the weekend. As the above paragraph the notes I failed on that promise to myself.

Strange thing was that in the pub with no mobile phone signal because Aytoun off mobile data at the moment to try and get half a days battery life out of my iPhone I was getting those “strange” sensations just above my rib cage.

I will give you one guess as to who left me a message on WhatsApp at the same time as the strange things that seem to happen with me. You guessed it.

I haven’t been debating whether or not to send her a care package because on my last trip over there she wanted me to bring a few things over for her. Because I had never flown without luggage before I’m on this occasion took just hand luggage I took as little as possible.

The thing with Nina is when I say I promise something I make sure I do. Remember on Friday when I promised her that I would sort things out with Sue?

So I’ve been wondering whether or not to send her a small care package full of the things that I didn’t bring over.

When I say I’ve been wondering I actually mean completely overthinking it all.

Lenny, a good friend I’ve known for many years tells me if I want to do it, just do it. But since when has that ever worked for me.

Is it too much?
is it too little?
is it a nice thing to do?
does it seem like I’m being needy?
does it make me look like a worse?

I know people always say regret the things you do instead of the things that you don’t do but what happens if the thing that I do makes me wish that I didn’t do it in the first place?

Can you see why I’m a little bit screwed up over all this with my mental mind thinking?

Again I’m thinking what next to write on the blog that nobody reads and I’m worried about what people are going to think when I say she told me

“i think its a while that i told you i miss you”

My reply, which I thought was pretty good at the time, has lead to me beating myself up over why I didn’t think about something funnier or Whittier.

It’s all the more words because I know that when I’m with her I don’t have any of these problems. This leads me onto a complete another section of overthinking.

So this is the only response that my alter ego now known as Captain fuck up, which I think is also going to be a new WordPress category tag, replied with.

And feeling is v mutual ms Scholz. When does S and J go in October

You will have to read back to Friday nights blog post to get the context of this.

Pending on how I feel tomorrow I should have last Fridays events for the written down. And in the spirit of being open and honest I will post today is chat transcript.

It’s time like this why really, AP Who by the way gave birth to an incredibly healthy baby which isn’t mine, was still around. She had a way of helping me try to articulate things that I struggle to do.

I reached out to her but I can understand why she doesn’t want to talk to me. She’s had a pretty traumatic time over the last few months wondering if her new offspring was mine, which it isn’t .

So just to summarise I heard from her today after a day of silence. I know she’s busy, I know there is a lot going on in work, well sort of but she said she can browse Internet in an entire day but it is the Oktoberfest season so I’m trying not to get my pants in a twist over.

Although I do find it old (am I overthinking this) but she did comment on me changing my what’sapp profile picture.

Why know that the more experienced people of the world out there will be telling the screen that it means nothing and you’re probably right. It’s just my lack of life experience I should know this but I don’t, anyways.

Needless to say that as per the normal me by the end of the conversation captain fuck up made his regular appearance.

Tune in tomorrow where I will post the full gory details.

Rugby, dogs, training and khaleesi

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