Im Glad Theres More Talk About Depression

Being back at home after the last week or so of being away has had an interesting effect on me. This morning I got hit with the world’s biggest bout of depression. And noticed as well doesn’t seem to creep up on me anymore it just comes over me like a complete tidal wave.

And getting the part of this is due to being tired, the comedown after running the half marathon, the end of #barkingandpissing as it has been a manic couple of weeks.

If I want this what really bought me down is having a conversation with the big X about Nina. If there’s a way to export conversations from what’s app I will do that later on because there’s a couple of peoples opinions I really value.

I realise that this doesn’t sound manly at all but it one point I could fill my eyes starting to well up but something inside kicked into place and I decided I wanted to complete at least one thing today to have some sort of mark of achievement.

That’s been one of my biggest problems over the last few months is starting many things and finishing none.

So a few moments ago before writing this post I completed my mammoth blog entry about the Cardiff half Marathon.

And hoping is the small little constant things I do which I can count as an achievement that may help lift my mood.

Although there is one interesting aspect of this. The last four days I’ve pretty much been bathing in natural sunlight. At home I don’t get any sunlight coming indoors.

Might nip to the shops later on and get some vitamin D. Although I’m probably using that as an excuse to get the stuff to Nina.

Im Glad Theres More Talk About Depression

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