Going on a coffee meet today.

I am a little bit excited and a little bit nervous this morning as I’m going to meet someone later on this morning.

Her name is Emily and we’ve been chatting over the last few days, well since last Friday, and we seem to be getting on okay.

Conversation for the most, at least via text, is flowing really easily so far although I have been painfully aware it’s made me doing most of the talking. I have mentioned that to her but she said it’s okay and it makes a refreshing change to have someone interesting to talk to.

She also has quite a wicked sense of humour bordering on the sarcastic pretty much just like my own. Whether or not that’s a good thing remains to be seen.

We spoke on the phone the other day and she seemed to be having a problem with this random woman who is going around the train station platform talking to anybody and everybody about how hot it was being and seem to have a starting Lee vast knowledge of the number of deaths caused by heat.

I said “wait a minute I have a cunning plan to get you out of this situation and phoned her.

Numerous did get the better of me and I did the thing where I babbled but least I didn’t think I said anything inappropriate at this time around.

One of her features which is incredibly redeeming is the font she does CrossFit I am partial to a woman who has a little bit of muscle definition.

Truth be told I have low expectations on how this meeting might go later on.

I know in the back of my mind I am still incredibly hung up on Nina and that reminds me I need to write the entries of what’s happened over the last few days. Basically confirmed she was indeed just ring me along.

Anyways check back later for not day on this.

In something completely random last night, well this morning I had some really random dreams.

First of all and ex-girlfriend but I’m not seen in absolutely years was sat across from me in a white satin dressing down exposing just enough of the self to not expose too much and was playing with her hair.

The second involved a guy from college called Mike who used to bully me in school just a little bit. Who is pointing out the reason Sun Life a litre live within myself. I can’t think of the significance of what is that person would suddenly appear in a dream but the mind is a very strange thing.

Check back later for you update on by my evening post a crafty picture

Going on a coffee meet today.

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