Old friends

This afternoon I caught up with an old friend of mine Sue. You might remember from my previous blog posts that we only saw each other briefly when I was in Germany this time around.

It was a far cry from a lasting counter which was a bit heated and emotional and then even further cry from the last time we spent any substantial time together back in the last Oktoberfest.

I have to say today was actually quite nice. We met up in time, went to a couple of shops, had some food and a beer and an enjoyable chat.

I’ve mentioned to her a few times now that she seems less stressed state and more at ease with things than before which is a very good thing to see. Dare I say it but it was a lot like old times. Also I got the opportunity to squarer up the drinks that she bought me when I was over in Germany. I have felt bad that we didn’t get to socialise and drink to much together after that Saturday night in Kennedys thanks to the Nina meltdown situation.

It was nice also to have some banter between us again, something that had been sorely missed and hopefully now you have the airways have cleared a little bit the friendship can resume as I hoped it would do.

I couldn’t avoid talking about the Nina situation but nor did I go all and on about it. I did manage to talk to her about the Sunday night beer drinking and being surrounded by a table of beautiful women and she laughed. She seems to know exactly what I’m like when I’m just about to blow a fuse and need to take a chill pill.

Obviously Nina did come up in conversation and it’s not unknown for her to kiss several guys in one night sometimes one after the other up to around about five. Glad to know she has some limits LOL

Like everybody else I’ve spoken to about this she said the same thing that the girl really doesn’t know herself or know what she wants.

It was good to spend time with a good friend and patch things up and I feel more at peace knowing there is this elephants in the room between us.

In other news its bloody freezing outside. I’ve been trying to spend every moment possible outside to make the last of the Indian summer before the realities of winter finally hits us.

They’re still been no outcome of what is happening with the company that provides me with pet sitting work and the complaint lodged against me because I lost the cat.

It probably doesn’t look good that’s they asked me to call them and I did that both sent me straight to voicemail however they did reply to an email and they said they would let me know shortly.

Worst case scenario and I lose my job.

Second worst scenario I lose my job and don’t get paid for the work.

All of this is means more annoying that I’m stressed out about them losing I can’t thanks to me and those bloody barking and urinating dogs.

There might be a small amount of light at the end of the tunnel. In Carmarthen cash converters are looking for someone to do the online sales. Possibly working from home. This has me written all over it and whilst it’s only 20 hours per week it would be a happy compromise for me at least anyway.

I know online sales, that’s my bag but quite why you haven’t done it in so many years is still beyond me.

Anyways that’s for a different post and I just want to reflect on the nice moment of reconnecting and mending things with a friend

Old friends

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