So how did the coffee meet go…

Typical, she is there before me but we haven’t made any firm arrangements where to meet. We set a long meeting outside a mobile phone shop and there she is in a pink top, tight grey skinny jeans and some nice boots with heels. She is a lot shorter than I thought she was going to be.

First impressions are that she is nice but oh my god, she has one hell of a sexy figure about her. I haven’t had any expectations in my head but she well exceeded them in terms of just how good her body looked.

Obviously I haven’t had a chance to speak to her as I was walking to meet her but she certainly has a striking figure.

We only had about an hour and a half time between the pair of us, she had to go to university and I had other things to do but that time certainly flew past.

One reason the conversation didn’t struggle is that we have something in common, fitness and being slightly. Strange in the fact we both like obstacle course racing.

I managed to make her blush a couple of times which is always a good sign and even though I did put my foot in it a few times I think I came away relatively unscathed.

I do like a woman where you don’t have to play games all be something that you warrant, she really does appreciate honesty and I were straight with her. I said I live miles away, I work away a lot and she said that’s fine.

She said she’s not after someone to take on the responsibility of her children and in fact she wants to keep her family life and her relationship life completely separate.

More than once I find myself apologising for gazing at her figure. I said I’m not looking at it in a way to be Percy but I appreciate the work it goes into getting a figure like that. Hopefully she accepted the compliment as just that a compliment and she didn’t seem awkward.

Before you know it our me was at an end and I walked her back to her car unbelievable no she made the first move to go in for the dreaded end of date to kiss.

Got to say it wasn’t bad at all and I was a gentleman putting my hands around her waist in that noncommittal sort of way so she didn’t feel like I was just touching her up.

She broke the deadlock of silence after the first date a while ago saying she really enjoyed herself. I was expecting the standard “I really enjoyed myself but” and it seems like we might be meeting again.

My problem is I’m pretty much still hung up on the Nina. She is no Nina but then again no woman will ever be her.

Given the revelation that Nina was on potentially a date the other night I wish I knew where I stand but I suppose it’s one of those things I have to work out for myself maybe?

She is in Germany and it’s true she would never know if I started potentially something with someone over here but I would know. Not that I don’t for a second she would care the same way thought I would about these things. Women after all are incredibly mercenary.

I’m not going back on what I said earlier about me perhaps not being ready in many ways to go back and potentially tried to date someone. I’m incredibly immature and get things wrong a lot of the times and where as I deal with it the last thing I want to happen is for someone to feel embarrassed of being around me. However you could say that this is their choice not mine.

I do you like Emily enough to care about she isn’t some sort of rebound as well. She hasn’t said much but I know she’s had a bit of trouble in the past with some men, well her ex-husband is seeing her ex best friend.

Am I being wrong in saying that there is in is anything wrong with potentially arranging to meet up for another coffee?

The thing is I don’t want to sound like a typical bloke going “well, we aren’t in a relationship” to try and justify my actions. I have no proof that the German one was indeed planning to meet someone but her tone and chattiness suddenly changed when she sent that accidentally message

She jokingly said she would come and meet me at the end of my race on Sunday but thankfully she’s got other plans, phew! That would be a little bit weird LOL.

At the moment Emily is still talking to me online so that’s a good thing and I’m not going to push for anything as we’ve only spoken for an hour but at the very least I hope we still chat.

So how did the coffee meet go…

2 thoughts on “So how did the coffee meet go…

  1. marxworld says:

    wait for the updates on that one. One minute she’s telling me about a bloke she’s shagged the day after I left, the next inviting me for thanksgiving..

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