Three weeks have gone by.

This time three weeks ago that I was on the train going from the airport to Munich with her. Three weeks down the road and life really couldn’t be any more different.

Was up late last night chatting to Emily. Also decided for wants to go out on a school night and go to my not so local, local.

Anthany did mention that his darts team is playing away tonight and I said but I’m going to pop along but did insert an excuse so it didn’t sound like I was committing.

I have been asked a couple of times if I want to play but to be honest I think I’m relieved that I don’t have a Friday night commitment any more.

It’s funny to think that of the four places of which I have played for over the years the only one that asked me to play for them this year is where I started out. Life can be funny sometimes

Going back to my not so local local it can be a bit of a pain to drive 5 miles just to go for a drink and then come home. But it does serve rather lovely German beer which makes up for it.

Things are going very slow on the house searching front. I got a phone call back from my banks financial advisor who said that they can’t help with buy to let mortgage is but he did put me onto

I have done some basic maths and if I could get the house at the right price and get a builder to quote at the right price and get a mortgage I could happily work and be comfortable on part-time hours. Granted there are a lot of things that need to go right however with my shockingly bad credit history this is very unlikely to happen.

Still I figure it’s best to see what the options are and it’s not like I’m in a particular rush.

I have started thinking that perhaps I need to be closer to civilisation. What I mean by that is closer to motorways or major cities where I stand a chance of getting some contracting work.

As I have said before a few of the places that are in my meagre budget aren’t too bad it’s just the location is Really never going to make house prices go up significantly.

Plus they seem to be in parts of Wales where I would make a substantial bet that it rains all the time.

In the lack of many people to talk to I seem to have double down my blogging efforts.this is for both this website and to another website which I currently run.

Just had a side thought. After meeting Emily I went past a cash converters who are wanting someone to do their online sales.

Speaking to the owner of the franchise I get exactly what he’s trying to do and I really must get my CV into him on Monday.

Sometimes you have to wonder about the coincidental timing is of these things. Meeting Emily and then seeing an ideal job opportunity?

Well after all I am the king of reading things wrong

Three weeks have gone by.

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