The 7:30 AM alarm on the Sunday

Over the course of the last stressful couple of weeks I have longed for a couple of things. Number one a good night sleep number to a good lie in.

My fit bit activity tracker monitors my sleep and it is showing that on average I’m getting about six hours sleep but incredibly interrupted.

Needless to say that when the alarm goes off at 7:30 AM on the Sunday morning I do have some motivational issues to get up and crack on with the day.

Normally it’s a mad dash to get everything ready so I can go cycling at 9 PM with a cycle club but today is different.

Today I’m doing my first ever 12 km mud run. So Lucy may not know a month one is an adult version of running cross country back when you were in school. The main difference being is that there is a couple of obstacles to go under, over and generally get a lot more wetter.

I’ve done this course before, or at least the first half, last year I think.

It’s not the best truck in the world, you start off with a quick run, one lap around the lake, another lap around the lake this time carrying a tire, and then the third lap to get back onto land.

After that it’s scaling the heights of some tree banks. A quick run, Dunc through an incredibly faeces infested bog, another bit of a run, carrying a son bike, jumping over hey Bales, I don’t for another bog, and then after that it least on the 6 km route it was all cross country running.

12k one is a little bit more of the beast with hills that would be hard enough to drive up let alone attempt jogging at them.

I think this is going to be the events where I’ve gotten a little bit complacent the week and is night before. I’ve done no running since the Cardiff half marathon and perhaps had a bit too much to drink over the last couple of nights for which the bags around my eyes will attest to.

Looking forward to the week ahead is relatively empty up until Wednesday. That’s when I starts hopefully my next pack sitting job with a rather dubious start time of 11:30 PM.

This one is called the platinum package which means I can only leave the property for one hour in the day.

Usually I could entertain myself for hours with a simple Internet or mobile phone connection but it looks like this might be the one where I have neither of those.

The nearest incredibly small town is 5 miles away however to get to the main road to get to the town you first have to drive of a country track road for about a kilometre. If memory serves me right this time has very little there on the only shop is one of those types attached to a petrol station.

Whilst on the subject I’ve still not heard back about what happened with the missing cats. Last I heard there was a bit of a Facebook smear campaign going on.

Anyways that will do for this morning’s entry as I have to go and get ready I’m strap of my knees which I hurt yesterday.

The 7:30 AM alarm on the Sunday

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