Just musing.

I’ve got to say that today is an incredibly lovely day so far, will at least weatherwise. Given we are now firmly seated into autumn I’m still able to go out and walk the dogs without a coat.

It’s on days like today where I’m thankful for the little things. Granted I ache still from the weekend, my sinuses are playing havoc with me but the sun is in the sky and it could almost be called warm.

That being said I am kicking myself a little bit for not having done my resume on Sunday nights to go to Carmarthen to apply for a job on on Monday. Procrastination has reared its head so that’s my challenge for the day.

Rather annoyingly if I had done the CV and gone to town yesterday I could’ve met up with Emily.

She seems nice enough even though she is a bit of a cross fit maniac. She was telling me earlier on today she’s done something like 200 squats last night. On our first meeting I did catch myself looking at her physique just a little bit too much from time to time LOL.

A few alarm bells have started ringing. She seems very keen to meet me again that’s normally the first alarm bell that starts to rain. Her last partner was over 18 months ago and in her words she doesn’t get much in the way of attention from men so it makes me wonder if I would be the man before she finds the right man.

Not that I have a problem with that although she says she does trust me and feels it’s very easy to speak to me which is a good thing but also opens up a whole can of worms.

I’ve tested the water a couple of times by some very heavy flirting chats which of God’s son muted responses. Not that there’s anything wrong with that in fact it’s quite nice to speak to someone who doesn’t send you a picture of their tits within the first couple of messages.

Honestly I kid you not. A couple of women I’ve spoken to you via various online methods have done the equivalent of a bloke sending a picture of his junk to me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind it is just why send it if you not going to follow through with it?

Or perhaps it’s my proven in ability to convert from just text to something more physical.

Christ, I’ve even slept with a girl for three nights in her bed in Germany and nothing happened.

Anyways we have a signed agreement that it’s going to be at least a minimum of three months before anything physical happens. I think I need that in my life right now because it least in my experience sleeping with someone to soon really doesn’t work out.

But then again what do I know, it’s not like my track record is anything to be proud about.

On the other side of Europe is Nina and I’m coming to terms with the fact that I’ve been tried on and put back on the rack again.

It almost board is all ridiculous. If I don’t send her a message for day I get a couple from her, if I message her I’m lucky to get a reply.

I don’t know if it’s me, the questions I ask or is it just a German thing? My problem here is that I’m really running out of ideas and ways to try and talk to her.

I promise I will go back and do some updates to give the full complete picture of what’s been happening with her over the last few weeks. Friday evenings do you make me a little bit sad because it was still a very memorable moment to have a woman, the girl of my dreams meet me at the airport.

Other than that not much else is happening in my world right now. I might be going running with the running club this coming Monday. Not sure how that’s going to work out.

This coming Thursday at 11:30 PM I’m making my way literally into the middle of nowhere to do a weekend long homestay. I say house stay it should be more like a jail sentence. When the directions say the house is located three quarters of a mile down and old track Road on the nearest town is some 5 miles away let’s just hope they have hot water.

Still no word from Abbey. I’ve done a touch of Facebook stalking and all appears well in her world. Thank God! She really does have an awesome mind if only people would encourage her to use it and not try to crush any enthusiasm she has.

It feels very weird writing about nothing really. I mean after all all I’ve done is blather on about nothing but it’s kind of nice in a way.

The last few weeks have been pretty frenetic what we doing two half marathons and going away to Germany and my final mud runs of the year this Sunday gone.

I’m finally I really must remember that I have a hospital Appointment tomorrow is. Dammit, I’ve just remembered that I potentially arrange to meet Emily tomorrow as well.

If I can get my CV done and if I can get myself up and out of the house early enough I might be able to do the two.

That is probably going to be wishful thinking though LOL

Just musing.

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