The phone call..

Quickly updating this as i go along chatting, yes chatting to Nina on a whatsapp call.

Apparently on Sunday night I made her cry as I split up with her??

She reads back the conversations quite a lot.

Is there a nice guy going to show me around Hamburg.
Met a guy called Owen who she shagged just after the Oktoberfest. One day after I left.

Sex for her is less important than closeness, cuddly or a hot person next to her.

Would it be wrong to let a dog lick peanut butter off her vagina, The dog caught her masturbating the other day.

She’s sleeping in a hostel and asking if its ok to shag another guy in a hostel room. Doesn’t want to have a gang bang but would have sex in a hostel dorm.  Talking to a guy who says if you don’t do it someone else will.

Will I go over for thanksgiving and spend it there..

Theres a bit more that i’ll think off.  All of this just seems a touch fucked up.  At least I’ve made a decision now.  This whole relationship thing, trying to find the one just isn’t working for me.  Time for drastic measures.

The phone call..

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