an update from the wilderness.

The CottageSo here I am in my little cottage situated in the middle of nowhere. They were not exaggerating at all when they said you need to go up a country track road to get to the cottage. To get to the cottage you turn off of the road, go through a small stream, through gates, have to dodge some sheep, go through another gate, dodge some horses, and then you arrive.

The building itself is what you would expect to find in the middle of some valleys in the middle of rural Wales. It’s a little bit dilapidated but somehow much warmer than my own home. Granted there is damp on pretty much every single wall but the log fire is always constantly burning.

my bedroom is situated above the main fire of the house so at least I’m always warm if slightly worried about what could be lurking bacteria wise in the air that I breathe in at night. Then again I have the same problem back my house.

The Bedroom

My bed is a mattress on the floor. No duvet, no blankets just are much worse. The picture above makes it looks like it’s not actually on the floor but let me assure you that it is.

So far so good with the animals. The four dogs were a little bit annoying this morning as they seems to insist on waking up at 5 AM. When I asked the owner what time do things started morning she simply replied “normally when the sun comes up”. In hindsight that should have been a warning.

The horses don’t need any work, the chickens get fed twice a day as do the alarms, sheep and ewes. Down the country track road there are two pigs which also get fed twice a day.

I suppose one good thing about this situation is that there should be a shortage of fresh eggs. Unlike the other house sitting position my heart she seems more than happy for me to use her cooker. I had forgotten just how nice it is to cook with gas.

After the animals were all done and dusted by 10 o’clock this morning that really is nothing else for me to do around here. I could go for a walk but right now it’s chucking it down with rain. It’s not like I can easily drive anywhere as these roads are fairly treacherous at the best of times and I’ve just seen the state of my front tire.

I’m not going anywhere unless I really, really have too with the state of that tyre.

The Cottage Inside

I do miss being home but I could honestly see myself living in a place like this. With a touch of paint and a log file that is always burning by would feel quite at home here, especially as the Internet is not bad. It may only be 2 MB down but it’s 3 MB up. Perfect for a streaming business idea I’ve had.Well basically an considering streaming on twitch for a living.

The main downside to this building is that they don’t have a kettle. Will they do but it’s one that you have to heat on the gas stove.   Not quite sure why but A cup of tea seems to taste better when it’s boiled that way.

In other news I took my CV and resume into a place in Carmarthen for a job but realised that I had put down cash converters not cash generators on my current letter. Thankfully the chap behind the counter was incredibly helpful letting me log onto his system, download the email, edits the document and print off in his shop. It’s a job that is really right up my street selling stuff online but I don’t have to worry about doing the purchasing side of it I can just focus on the selling side.

However as you might imagine nothing is simple in this world and right now I don’t have a mobile phone signal. I am using the three in touch thing that comes with my mobile provider which lets me receive phone calls to my mobile number over Wi-Fi but I’m not entirely sure that it works.

there was a lot more to catch up on as well which always seems to happen when I miss a day of writing. I must go back to the phone call about the inner. I spent yesterday putting much with my head fucked up as it has been for the longest time.

I get torn between being sad about the situation and being  so fracking angry that despite almost being 40 I seem to lack whatever it is to get a woman into bed. Well, I can get them into bed is just and nothing else happens.

AP Has broken off all contact with me. It’s a choice and I respect that. I know that she read these posts so in a way I kind of do this for her more than myself.

I’ve also realised I spend way too much time talking to myself for what could be considered helpful. In fact right now I’m dictating this so technically I’m talking out loud to myself. Although on another technicality I am surrounded by two cats and four dogs  who are all fast asleep.

if only it was as easy to do my other website as it is to write the thoughts coming out of my mind.

Just out of interest if I was to set up a patriot and campaign would anybody be interested in sponsoring me?

an update from the wilderness.

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